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Citizens To Bring 'Real Food' To 'Real People' By Month's End

January 16, 2013 at 5:28 PM | by | ()

The Light Group isn't dishing yet on the exact opening date for Citizens Kitchen at Mandalay Bay, a 24-hour "casual American bistro." But, it will say they're on target for an opening sometime during the last week of this month. Nor, is it revealing the full menu (aside from crab cakes, fried chicken and meatloaf). But, from new ads, it looks like the eatery, and its cuisine, won't just target club kids. Nor, encourage the use of silverware.

Marketing ads show a biker daintily eating a salad, an everyman going to town on some spaghetti and an everywoman enjoying a pastrami and sauerkraut sammy (we think). All have cocktails and none have forks. But, at least we know that napkins will be available.

If your appetite has been whet, more ads can be found on Yelp's Citizens page and imply that wings, monster burgers and waffle fries also will be found. We'll let you know when Citizens will start serving up its finger-lickin' fare as soon as we hear it. The restaurant replaces Red, White and Blue at Mandalay Bay.

(PHOTO: Citizens on Instagram, citizenslasvegas.com)

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Hope the food is better than the advertising. Those pictures are just downright unappetizing.

Comfort Me

I'll miss the deserts at Red, White and Blue.  But, having said that, an eatery with comfort food does intrigue me.  One can only hope the prices are "real" too and not just as high as that (apparently) "unreal" food at other Mandalay Bay restaurants.

Not That Dry

While some of the treats at RW&B were certainly lacking moisture, I would classify them more as desserts than "deserts."