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5 Places To Have Public Sex in Vegas And Not Get Caught (Fingers Crossed)

January 17, 2013 at 8:30 PM | by | ()

Brandy Alxander might not be the same wild child club kid she used to be since settling down with her sugar daddy, but that doesnít mean she doesnít know how -- and where -- to get down.

When youíre in Vegas, say goodbye to inhibitions and hello to beautiful people youíll probably never see again. Hooking up isnít difficult, but even a master pickup artist or someone whoís always DTF knows it ainít easy being easy. There are logistics ranging from preparation and coordination to location that you have to figure out before fornication.

Now, we canít figure it all out for you, but we do have a list of places to remember when youíre about to have drunken sex in the throes of passion.

5. The Limo

If youíre doing Vegas right, you got drunk on the plane ride over and ordered a limo to take you from McCarran to your hotel. Thereís no sense in having uncomfortable, awkward sex in the Mile High Club when you could do it with plenty of leg room in your limo. Start your Vegas vacation off with a bang. (But, be sure to tip your driver!)

4. Parking Garage

There are lots of reasons to avoid going back to your hotel room to get it on. Maybe youíre sharing a room with friends. Or, you've already been sexiled. Maybe you donít want to spend a whole night with him/her. Maybe youíre staying at Circus Circus. If you're in a car, we hope your windows are tinted! Or, if you're not, that the stairwell is deserted!

3. Mall Photo Booth

Shopping, for this VegasChatter'er, is more than retail therapy. Itís an aphrodisiac. It can be for dudes, too, especially after a trip to Victoriaís Secret. But, donít risk getting 86íed from any stores. Instead, find one of the mallís photo booths, close the drapes, and let the reverse cowgirl action begin. And, if youíre feeling exceptionally saucy, commemorate your mall romp with a few raunchy photo strips!

2. Casinoís Uni-Sex Restroom

Who hasnít gotten lucky in the uni-sex restrooms? They really ought to be called quickie rooms.

1. The Spa

Of all the salacious venues listed, a spa has to be the most romantic -- relaxing ambience, soft lighting, minimal clothing, you get the picture. Though, itís not much help to hetero couples. Spa-side shagging is easier for couples of the same sex since most facilities are separated by gender.

Rumor has it that one of Sin Cityís more well-known spas had to remove the frosting effect from glass partitions in their menís area because it was becoming a hanky panky hotspot. The spa even had to schedule extra spa attendants to deter guests from doing the dirty!

Did we miss a spot? Tell us some of the craziest places youíve done the deed in Vegas in the comments below!

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My wife is handicapped, and I need to take her to those unisex when we're on the strip.

Think I'll be a bit more OCD about cleaning before we use them....

Keeping it dirty

Wife and I just got back last week. We got down in a peepshow booth at Showgirl Video to the moves of a surprisingly attractive girl named Victoria. Then capped off the weekend with a romp at the Red Rooster in front of swinging onlookers, not into that ourselves but enjoy public fun. We we will have to steal your photo booth idea on our next trip.


I picked up a girl at the Flamingo go pool in 2011.  Continued to the mens bathroom where shortly after engaging, we were stopped by security and escorted out of the Go Pool.  We then carried the partty up to the go suite where we started, and with out interuption, finished.  As i stayed in my room, i was told by my company that upon taking the elevator downstairs, everyone that had been watching at the pool, were cheering once they saw her going back down, knowing the dirty deed she had just committed.  Vegas....


Haha. VC is trying to become Penthouse Forum? lol

The only time one has public sex is when they meet someone NEW for the first time  or they're cheating on their spouses. It's incredibly rare for a husband and wife to do so unless that's simply part of their fantasy that like to live out.

For the rest of us who do have public sex, we usually have public sex on the fly...it's never preplanned.

Public sex near Boulder City

My wife and I have been married for more than 20 years, no affairs.  We have to do something to keep things fresh.  Stay off our lawn.

Rent a boat or even a kayak on Lake Mead.  Lots of isolated coves.  Bring towels and sunscreen.

Vending anyone?

Picked up a girl a few years back while staying at the Monte Carlo. I had a friend already in the room getting busy with his girlfriend and my date didn't want to go in...understandable. We thought briefly of walking across the street to her room at the MGM, but we were drunk, and her feet hurt. While we were walking the hall near my room, we ducked into a vending/ice room. We killed the lights and had spectacular fun propped against the wall. Granted this worked out great being that it was 2am, probably not a great idea say at 9pm.