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The Jabbawockeez Theater Will Have A Bar In Case You Were Worried

January 17, 2013 at 1:48 PM | by | ()

All the way back in May of last year we accidently discovered the Jabbawockeez dance group would be moving into the former Luxor "Motion Ride Theater" that used to host the "In Search of the Obelisk" attraction. Last year, this writer didn't know it it was actually a former ride theater. Pointy pyramid-y space was more our assessment. But, yes, the Jabbawockeez will be moving there in the spring. The fancy construction plywood we found on a recent walkthrough negates any doubts. We have no new date details, but we do have an update on the space itself.

The Jabbawockeez crew have been on hiatus from Las Vegas since their Monte Carlo tenure ended last summer. They've been touring the country. When they arrive back at Luxor, the former motion ride apparatus will be gone and 17,171 square feet of theater will have been built for 16 dancing feet. (See, there's eight members in the group.) Still got your tape measure out? Look for 1,000 square feet of retail space, 1,500 square feet of lobby and a 350-square-foot bar. Which sounds small. But it is a family friendly show.

The project is costing just over two million to re-work the area. Luxor promises the new show will be just that. Different from their previous residencies and will include "custom-designed staging." We do hate off-the-shelf staging, don't you?

And, if you are like us, you've been wondering for three paragraphs what exactly was "In Search of the Obelisk?" Well, we were compelled to find out, too. And, thankfully, a YouTube video popped up of the whole attraction. It's pretty dark, but back in 2007, this was pretty stellar for a surreptitious theme park ride video. So, Vegas nostalgists shed a tear for the ride and the days of a $5 admission price.

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