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We Check In With The High Roller Wheel, SkyVue Checks In With Their Lawyers

January 18, 2013 at 4:07 PM | by | ()

Oh, SkyVue Las Vegas Super Wheel. Will you ever be super? Or, even a wheel? The 550-foot-tall observation wheel aspiring to be built across from Mandalay Bay spent the week fighting off bad press after eight companies filed liens for non-payment for services. All told, a $3.3 million debt. The SkyVue folks say it will all work out once they receive another cash bolster from the friendly folks who invested $9.5 million into the project last year. So, we wish them luck with that.

When we recently asserted our continued skepticism that their big wheel dream will come to pass, SkyVue got in touch and presented a list of counterpoints. Good for them. You can read them here. But, after hearing news that trusted companies such as Ledcor have to get all legal to be paid for their work on SkyVue... we hate to say we warned you. There's still time for them to turn this around. There's still time for a guardian angel. However, that time doesn't seem to be right now.

But, look up there. We think that's how you build a gigantic Ferris wheel. Yes, we went for an in-person update on the High Roller wheel being built alongside The Linq. And, they have all manner of new, large, pointy parts.

Compare the High Roller photo at the top of our page, with the scene at SkyVue above.

So, yes, the High Roller is coming along nicely as measured by our very un-scientific method of deduction. It looks like it is coming along nicely.

And, look at that curve at the base of the wheel. Ohhh, if only we had a protractor and a degree in structural engineering. We'd be able to accurately determine the progress for you. But, we're excited at how quickly the infrastructure is falling into place. Maybe falling is not the best word.

If all turns around for SkyVue, they say they'll place a bunch of new parts on their construction site sometime between May and June. However, they will no longer commit to declaring an actual finished/opening date. The Linq and the High Roller are racing to a late 2013/early 2014 premiere.

Archived Comments:

Caesars Gets Lucky

Caesars Entertainment has to be praying that SkyVue fails. One has to think that if they both get built, there will be constant comparisons in the media. And the reality is that the High Roller has some seriously obstructed views that Sky Vue doesn't.

I wish Sky Vue well, but absolutely do NOT like the idea of a zillion square foot LED billboard becoming an prominent feature of the Las Vegas Strip.