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Vegas' Children's Museum Closing February 4

January 18, 2013 at 8:27 PM | by | ()

Out with the old...

Las Vegas' Lied Discovery Children's Museum is just over two weeks from shuttering. A closure date of February 4 has been set. But, littles will have a whole new play place to wear themselves out explore their world in March when the long-running museum takes up residence in its new home next to The Smith Center. (It's currently located across from Cashman Field where the 51s play.)

While just a five minute (or so) drive away, the new locale seems like it's in another world in downtown's fledgling Symphony Park community (aka, that mostly undeveloped area behind the Plaza). Homeless and panhandlers tend to loiter near the museum's current location due to the public library next door and the shelters down the street. It can make for some unexpected educational experiences, like when your child asks why that man wanted money, why you didn't give him any and why he didn't stop asking for it. (True story.)

The new museum will offer three stories of fun compared to just two in the old location. Some of the exhibits will make the move, but there will be lots of new stations to explore. And, we hear visitors will be able to slide from one floor to another. Way cool. Now, if only we can get them to team up with The Smith Center for some 'stay and play' packages. As in the kiddos can stay at the museum while the 'rents take in a show. Sounds good, no?

The Discovery Children's Museum had once hoped to open last fall.

...in with the new.

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Let this be the one opening that does not feature an appearance by Holly Madison.


Well, she is pregnant so you may be out of luck there...


I could see her marketing her unborn child as a potential visitor to the center.