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Happy New Year! Total Rewards Changes Coming Soon!

January 2, 2013 at 3:22 PM | by | ()

In 2012, many major Strip casinos made changes to their players clubs that lead to less benefits for the customer. However, there was one company with a group of hotels in Las Vegas, Caesars Entertainment, that just sat by while we gave everyone else crap for their changes. That's going to change in 2013.

Caesars' Total Rewards is one of the largest and most robust players clubs. Total Rewards is the benchmark which every other players club is measured. We have to imagine that Total Rewards is a difficult players club to manage since the customer in Atlantic City is very different from the customer here in Las Vegas yet there's just one system for all players.

The changes to Total Rewards are still in the rumor stage since Caesars hasn't confirmed the information officially, but the details have been narrowing and seem to be coming along. As with other players club changes, the Total Rewards changes aren't good for the Caesars customer, but they aren't totally awful.

Seven Stars Insider obtained an internal memo detailing some of the changes. The main thing you'll see is that it will take more tier credits to climb from gold to platinum and on up.

Gold: Still entry level
Platinum: Was earned at 4,000 tier credits now 5,000
Diamond: Was 11,000 tier credits now 15,000 tier credits
Seven Stars: Was 1000,000 tier credits now 150,000 tier credits

On the surface, this is a big change, but it seems as if tier credits may not be too difficult to earn… as long as you gamble. According to Seven Stars Insider, there will be a bonus system installed to help confuse players.

There are three bonus levels you can reach. The more Tier Credits you earn in one day, the more Tier Credits you will receive. Here are the levels:

Earn 500 Tier Credits in a day and you'll receive an additional 125 Tier Credits.
Earn 1,000 Tier Credits in a day and you'll receive an additional 1,000 Tier Credits.
Earn 2,500 Tier Credits in a day and you'll receive an additional 5,000 Tier Credits.

Earning tier credits should remain the same, but now you'll just have to earn more of them which may be easier if you gamble a lot during a given day. We haven't seen how this effects earning credits by spending cash, but we imagine it wouldn't. If you're planning a wedding or other function at a Caesars property, you should check with your planner to see if these new bonuses will be given for your money spent.

These changes to Total Rewards shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone that gambles at Caesars casinos as this has been rumored for a while. Your offers from specific casinos aren't tied to your tier, rather to your average daily play so these changes shouldn't have much effect on your offers if you're playing the same amount. Look for an official announcement soon.

Archived Comments:

Wouldn't be the first time

I have been a TR member since at least 2007...it used to be to get to Platinum you only needed 3,000 points...then they changed it and didn't really tell us to 4,000 points. I just checked their website and it still says 4,000 points...5,000 would totally suck...If they change the bonus credits...I'm wondering if they are going to change how much it takes to get points...currently it's $5 on slots and $10 on video poker.

it's official

vegas chatter was ahead of the curve.... got the offical email today for TR:

"Starting January 1, 2013, you can earn huge Tier Credit bonuses daily. Simply earn a certain number of Tier Credits in one day and voila...a bonus! It goes like this...
    Earn this many...         ...and get this many more!    
    500 Tier Credits         +125 Tier Credit bonus    
    1,000 Tier Credits         +1,000 Tier Credit bonus    
    2,500 Tier Credits         +5,000 Tier Credit bonus    
Starting January 1, 2013, the Tier Status milestones are moving up. But with our great new ways to earn and new benefits being added, you will get more value from your favorite loyalty program than ever before!

    Gold: Complimentary upon sign-up
    Platinum: 5,000 Tier Credits
    Diamond: 15,000 Tier Credits
    Seven Stars®: 150,000+ Tier Credits to qualify

Yepper, Got My E-mail

This is one players club I am not sure if I will ever understand how it works.

I would just like to know how many dollars in a VP machine for 1 tier point and maybe I can figure it out.

Say good bye to rubbish

Been a 7 stars player for four years. GOOD RIDDENS CAESARS. You have marganilized the 7 stars status to nothing. We get crap rooms every where we go - no matter your best room available lie (you say you are always booked). Now instead of getting expensive items we get the same $5 crap you had out to every one else.  Tired of you courting the players with $20 in hand max on any visit with free suites and dinner and shows while you slap us in the face. Caesars Windsor is the worst. You have to pay to cross the border and put up with rude gards then you get no more than $50 FSP no matter how much you pay. OLG runs the place and is the overseer there and we see them tweak or take off line ALL MACHINES when they are in a pay cycle. They cheat. No good rooms and crap seats at shows. HORRIBLE HOSTS and you are stuck with him no matter how much you complain. I could go on and on but hey- gamble if you want to- we are jumping ship to another brand that treats gamblers better. No fun when you never win any more and that is what it really is all about- bottom line. Better in my pocket than theirs. Too many freebies for the low levels and not enough good for the upper levels. They are phasing us out and we can take a hint. Kiss my rear goodbye.