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What's Happening With the Grand Bazaar Shops at Bally's?

Where: 3645 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
January 11, 2013 at 2:10 PM | by | ()

So far not much. When we broke the news last July about the new shopping "mecca" featuring 270 new retails shops, plenty of places to eat and a state of the art light show coming to the front of Bally's, we thought a ground-breaking was to happen sometime before the end of 2012. But obvs, that has not happened.

We checked in with a Caesars Entertainment rep and have yet to hear back from them. We've also been playing phone and email tag with reps for the Grand Bazaar folks but we hope to have something new to share soon. Although, we're not holding our breaths. The Grand Bazaar website has pretty much remained unchanged since July. We suppose Caesars has bigger stuff on their minds--like the rebranding of The Quad, the forthcoming Linq project and the impending opening of The Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace set to open in February.

So Woody and Buzz, your turf is safe...for now.

Know of any new news with the Grand Bazaar Shops? Pass it along! (Anonymity assured)

Archived Comments:

Too much

I wonder if the Bill's renovations forced the Bazaar plans to be put on hold. Bally's patrons only access to the strip would be through Paris, since they wouldn't be able to cross Flamingo to a construction area and the moving sidewalks out front would be taken out.

Or did somebody from Caesars realize they still had retail space at the Linq to lease out and maybe opening another 240 shops wouldn't help?

Put on hold permanently

I seriously doubt the Bellagio would appreciate having a flea market set up permanent residence across the street.  This is the dumbest idea since two ferris wheels.

not a flea market

It wont be a flea market. It will be mostly high end retailers.

High end retailers....

...in little mock-gypsy tents on the sidewalk?  LOL

The Same

I'm not surprised.  It's par for the course to delay Strip projects.  Heck, it happens so often that it's pretty much expected.

youll see.

You are interpreting the above picture as tents. They arent.

Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck

Sorry, but this is not going to be "high end retailers".  First, 206 of the 225 retail locations are 144 square feet or less.  Second, according to the official marketing materials, they are targeting "unique specialty retailers found in high traffic malls/airports/shopping sites".  They also want "existing kiosk and Pop-Up retailers".

I hope I'm wrong, but I envision a nightmarish gauntlet of sales people trying to get convince me to try their magical hand cream, buy a new cell phone, or watch a demonstration of the Kitchen Guillotine.

Exactly my thoughts

Why would this be any different from the nonsense that surrounds Carnival Court, Hawaiian Marketplace, the promenade inside Bally's heading back to the monorail, or all of the kiosks choking the Fremont Street Experience?  These junk stores are everywhere, most people take a wide berth to avoid the hawkers, yet somehow they prosper and continue to spread, just like the costumed beggars.  This is just more of the same, no matter what anyone is claiming.  I really doubt that Gucci, Fendi, and Cartier are signing on.  Nice try, Nick.

just reporting what i hear

it isnt a "nice try." I am just reporting what my sources tell me. we will see when it opens.

Dirty Fountains and Chipped Paint Are Preferable!

What a fiasco! Call them kiosks or tents or vendor pods or whatever, it looks for all the world like an overhead view of an old video game where the goal is to avoid being stung, drained or losing health points before reaching the exit --- that being, in this case, the casino/hotel entrance!  

Imagine staying at Bally's and having to navigate this mess while saying "No thanks," "Not interested" dozens of times simply to get back to your room.   Then too, if you simply want to do some gambling at Bally's, do they REALLY think you're a prime candidate for buying sunglasses, knock-off perfumes or electronic cigarette devices en route to the casino floor?  

I feel bad for future Bally's guests, but feel even worse for the vendors who lease these spaces Everyone will lose, and it won't be long before half these booths are shuttered and covered with sponsored ads.

The only groups likely to do well here are pickpockets and shoplifters.