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9 New Things Coming To Mandalay Bay

January 21, 2013 at 5:13 PM | by | ()

In a year's time, Mandalay Bay will be completely different from the hotel-casino you currently know. Things are changing quickly. It is re-imagining itself. You could, in fact, say that it's redefining resort. Especially, if you're the hotel's marketing team. We'll explain that, in a bit. First, we've been covering all the changes at Mandalay Bay as they're announced, or as we've uncovered them, from new restaurant plans to new nightlife announcements. But, the resort has a managed to keep a few things things secret that it's now ready to reveal. And, several are quite surprising. Here's your cheat sheet as to what to expect:

1. Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil Production

Mandalay Bay will have moves like Jackson starting May 23 when Cirque du Soleil debuts their tribute to the King of Pop. Tickets are not yet on sale (look for that to happen next month) and an official name has not yet been announced, either.


Opening in March, LIGHT will be a nightlife collaboration between The Light Group and Cirque du Soleil. A hiring fair will take place January 21-22 at 10AK at The Mirage.

3. The Delano

Once anticipated to have a late 2013 opening, it now seems that The Delano will officially launch in early 2014, possibly in January. The hipster hotel brand is taking over THEhotel.

4. A New Adult Day Club Experience

The Light Group will bring a second day club to Mandalay Bay this summer. The yet-to-be-named pool party will replace Landshark Lagoon, an auxiliary pool.

5. Citizens Kitchen

A 24-hour "casual bistro" by The Light Group is set to open next week in the space that once housed Red, White and Blue. Expect oversized waffle fries, fried chicken, meatloaf, monster burgers, and more.

6. Another Light Group Restaurant

Just around the corner from Citizens Kitchen will be a Japanese resto helmed by Akira Back, best known as the chef behind Yellowtail at Bellagio. No name yet here, either. The eatery will debut in March or April. It replaces China Grill.

7. A New Food Court

The Las Vegas Sun reports that Mandalay Bay's food court will get a refresh, too. Since we questioned whether the resort even had a food court upon hearing that news, it's probably a good thing. We eventually remembered it had one way in the back near Shark Reef. Expect a remodel with "more branded names" to be complete this summer.

7. Resto Redos

The Las Vegas Sun also reports that Mizuya, the just-off-the-casino-floor lounge/sushi bar, will get a makeover. And, that plans are in the works to "redo" Shanghai Lilly which shuttered last year. We're intrigued about what that might mean. Meantime, Red Square is back open after a refresh of its own.

8. The Casino

The local newspaper also reports that "new carpet, chairs and music" are coming to the casino floor.

9. A "Lobby-Lounge Experience"

Lastly, the Las Vegas Sun reports that the resort is working on opening an "indoor/outdoor lounge with fire pits" this spring. It wasn't stated, however, just where this would be, but we've always loved a good mystery.

With so much new-ness, Mandalay Bay's marketing team has created a new website address to brag about it all. It's redefiningresort.com. Oooo.... in your face, other Vegas resorts.

(PHOTOS: Mandalay Bay on Foursquare, The Light Group)

Archived Comments:

Good News

Love Mandalay Bay...I know its farther than most would like but it really does offer great value and every restaurant and interaction has always been first class


Will Citizens have silverware?


I believe they are scheduled for renovation this year as well. I believe I saw a sign saying so (at least for the casino) during my Dec visit, but forgot to get a photo, sorry.


I am excited about the fire pits!  I am from Arizona and do a lot of Scottsdale staycations and one of my favorite aspects is the resorts that have fire pits.  The Scottsdale Fairmont Princess, for example, has the fixings for s'mores on their room service menu and guests are able to make s'mores at the fire pits.  For years I have been telling people this is what Vegas is missing!  


Not the rooms in the main tower, as far as we're aware. The Four Seasons just renovated all of their rooms and the Delano will makeover THEhotel tower.


Timing is everything... From Vegasinc.com today:

 <a href="http://www.vegasinc.com/news/2013/jan/21/mandalay-bay-midst-major-facelift-its-first-14-yea/">http://www.vegasinc.com/news/2013/jan/21/mandalay-bay-midst-major-facelift-its-first-14-yea/</a>

"No changes are planned for the rooms at Mandalay Bay."

"The casino hadn't been touched since the day we opened. We're completely renovating it, with new carpet, chairs and music."


@RLPnyLover I couldn't agree more. In fact, I've always been amazed at how far Las Vegas seems to be behind in adapting what is interesting in other resort communities.

Beachfront dining has been a hit probably since the dawn of hotel resorts around the world. But... Las Vegas literally did not have much of any Strip-front dining until around 10-12 years ago.

Brio at Town Square has an outdoor fire pit area that is really nice when it is chilly.

It is unfortunate that so many of the top and upper management for gaming properties don't come from the resort sector. Over the years, one only had to visit Scottsdale or similar upscale resort areas and wonder why Vegas isn't doing certain basic things.


9 Reasons not to go back.....China Grill was the best Chinese places on the strip. Will be missed! Might as well name the whole hotel "Light Group".

Hoping for the Best

While the casino could do with a little TLC, I suspect that based on previous MGM casino "renovations" that it will be done in the standard MGM contemporary design with no thought to have a coherent design (that fits in with the current theme). Some of the new stuff sounds good so I will keep my fingers crossed I am wrong! I really hope they get rid of the hideous Eyecandy Lounge and bring back Island Lounge.