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All Aboard The Monkey Train: Bolt Barbers To Open Downtown This July

January 21, 2013 at 3:04 PM | by | ()

Bolt Barbers is bringing their Monkey Train barber shop to Downtown's Shipping Container Park this July. In other news, the Downtown Shipping Container Park sounds like it will be ready in July. The old school, L.A. barber shop that loves simian iconography projects the sort of urban vibe Fremont East desperately wishes to possess.

Bolt will operate out of a genuine train caboose and box car on the Carson Avenue side of the park. Think across the street from Eat. A train caboose sounds an awful lot cooler than a shipping container and they've started the re-purposing in earnest and sharing photos of their progress.

Here's the rendering of how it'll fit into the landscape. Check out the structure at the rear:

And here's the view of the forthcoming space taken a few weeks ago:

Bolt Barbers is updating their Tumblr photostream and you'll learn the happy pooch in that top photo is Woody who also traveled from L.A. to check out the downtown scene and his new, cherry red stomping ground. The train car and caboose were found in Barstow and the team have been searching for parts they needed to fix it up. Including the wheels. We don't know if we more admire their level of commitment or recognizing such a diamond in the rough.

As usual, we'll keep you updated on all the Container Park progress. Particularly now we know we only have six months left to wait.

(PHOTOS: Bolt Barbers, VegasChatter, Downtown Project)

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