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F*cking Las Vegas

January 21, 2013 at 6:29 PM | by | ()

We first became aware of comedian Greg Benson after he gave us, and a million others, a fucking cruise ship tour. Literally. The entire viral walk-around was prefaced with f bombs. And, it was hilarious. (Mentally, we're still preteens, this we know.) We had a good laugh, shared it around and thought that was that. But, now, we've learned that he's fucking with Las Vegas. And, we're ok with that because it's just as LOLable. Take a look:

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Comics and strippers

If you gotta have a gimmick, I suppose that's not a bad one.


Was there any? Must have been hidden.

Kinda right...

His vids are kinda of dead on. (especially his F*cking Cruise Ship vid).

F this and that

Ok...I giggled through this whole thing.