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10 Reasons Prissy Girls Should Go Downtown

January 21, 2013 at 7:41 PM | by | ()

This VegasChatter writer loves the Las Vegas Strip. It’s high profile, glamorous, ever-evolving and over-the-top, just like her. Going to Downtown Vegas after partying on The Strip is like downgrading from a high-end department store to a swap meet. Sure, you’ll find similar things, but they won’t be as nice or expensive and it smells. But, if you can get past that, and all the homeless people, you’ll end up having a good time in a much less pretentious atmosphere!

Here are 10 reasons why even the prissiest of girls should visit Downtown Vegas:

1. Casual Atmosphere

This VegasChatter'er loves her stilettos and sparkly dresses, but for those nights when you feel more like flats and (cringe) wearing leggings as pants, there’s always downtown. No judgment or heel rats, just fun.

2. Downtown Cocktail Room

This is one of the places that made Downtown worth the trip. Recommended by one of our hipster BFFs (read: bike-riding, PBR-drinking writer), the nearly hidden spot is dark, plush and serves artfully crafted cocktails with ingredients we’ve never heard before.

3. Fewer D-bags

We love watching fist-pumping, gel-wearing guidos on TV. But, partying with them? Not so much. Buskers and homeless people make up for the lack of douches downtown, but, thankfully, they’re a lot easier to avoid.

4. Bar + Bistro

Dudes, take note: girls, especially prissy girls, love Spanish tapas and sangria. And, if that isn’t enough culture for you, check out the adjacent art gallery.

5. Oscar’s Beef, Booze and Broads

Surprisingly, a classy joint! We ooooh-ed and ahhh-ed at the live piano player, chandeliers and cocktail list. It’ll make you wish you were a mafia broad.

6. Cheaper everything

Once we found out drinks downtown are half the price you’d pay on The Strip, it made the grimy surroundings a lot more enjoyable. And, with cheap alcohol comes cheap drunk munchies: one dollar shrimp cocktails, .99 cent fried twinkies, and $3.49 for a 10-inch pizza.

7. Brunch at Triple George Grill

We love Triple George Grill and neighboring Mob Bar for the fab bartenders (ask for Vince!) and their amazing baked goat cheese appetizer (to die!). Prissy girls love brunch because we get to sleep in late, drink mimosas and eat waffles. And, unlike some brunch places on The Strip, there isn’t a minimum $500 spend or blaring music playing.

8. The Smith Center

Arguably, the best place for a date with a prissy girl. Just thinking about The Smith Center makes me want to put on my most chic dress and red lipstick to watch the ballet and let my inner musical snob come out.

9. Commonwealth

It’s fast becoming the bar where all the cool kids hang out downtown. It’s the closest thing Downtown Vegas has to a nightclub, except there’s no dancing, just loud (but good!) music. Love the Great Gatsby-esque décor and the twinkly rooftop bar. Ask the waitress about the reservation-only Laundry Room.

10. Drink & Drag

If prissy girls were men, they’d be drag queens. Everything about this bar screams fabulous, from the lashes and the wigs to the male go-go dancers and the bowling lanes. Everything, but the cover charges. Men and women both have to pay them. But, any woman who would pay to get into a club — on or off The Strip — is a fool. One way to get around it is to join Drink & Drag’s text program.

(PHOTO: Downtown Las Vegas on Foursquare, VegasChatter, Commonwealth)

Archived Comments:

Don't Forget Insert Coin(s)!

One of my BFF's is a girly girl and she DOES wear heals even downtown!  I'll tell you what, she LOVES her some Ms. Pacman at Insert Coin(s).  Of course, as a girlie girl, it was a good place to stop by for just an hour, but still.  Then it is usually on to the Griffin, which is my fav downtown place to go.  I sure am excited for Krave Massive!!

Love me some Drink And Drag

I love that place..I went there in the middle of the week...and the girls were still working for their tips...I could just imagine on a weekend...and it's so true...about the stench...when we went into D&D, there was some funk smell outside...I don't know if it was garbage or what...seems like the area may need to be hosed down or get a Lysol dip.

My Takeaway

Commonwealth is where the D-Bags hang downtown. :)

I love everything here but haven't been there yet. I hope that doesn't make me prissy.

oh boy

ECG, you ARE a prissy girl.  Commonwealth is rad.  The rooftop is golden and the Laundry Room is amazing. You mad cause you couldn't get in? ;)