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Downtown's Container Park To Go Xtreme And Square

January 22, 2013 at 6:03 PM | by | ()

It's hip to be square. Just when we got all excited about Bolt Barbers' "Monkey Train" barber shop coming to downtown's Shipping Container Park, we discovered the rest of the park won't be as aesthetically exciting. When we mentally visualized how the retail, food and, um, bathrooms will be created, we imagined rows of weathered, beat up rectangular containers, the likes of which you see on docksides in 1970s TV cop shows. Turns out, we needed to be thinking cube.

Local company Xtreme Manufacturing will be creating the majority of the structures on the site. There will still be a few of those longer, rectangular containers as befitting the name, but new, purpose designed cubes will be the order of the day.

Xtreme recently told the Vegas press that the bathrooms cubes will arrive on site in a matter of weeks. And, that makes sense as there have been suggestions we'd also heard that March will reveal the first phase of construction with the first tenants landing on the property. Maybe even the Immersion Dome we told you about.

The cubes can be custom-designed and add windows, plumbing, heating and, importantly, air conditioning. We're kind of disappointed that beat-up old metal frames aren't being used. For some reason it sounds less special. The fresh smelling cubes will be used for retail, studio, office space and the pet supply store.

The containers will be reserved for the food options that need more space. And, ventilation we'd wager. They will be single-story structures while the cubes will be stacked three stories high with walkways and stairs. And, expect a lot of orange paint, according to our sources.

Sounds like they are really starting to ramp up down there in Fremont East so we'll keep our eye out for you. Especially for the fire-breathing praying mantis.

(PHOTO: Xtreme Manufacturing, Downtown Project)

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I live

practically across the street. I'll let you know when I see something.

We have

a container mall in Christchurch NZ - after the earthquakes of 2010/2011 wiped out our central city. Rather than it being blocky they used angles and semi-maze like layouts to make it more interesting. There are some cool pics here: <a href="http://www.restart.org.nz/christchurch-restart-village-take-a-look.php">http://www.restart.org.nz/christchurch-restart-village-take-a-look.php</a> I have to say using the bathroom in a container was a new experience!

how cool

I for one welcome our new shipping container overlords.