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Coming Soon To Fremont East

January 24, 2013 at 8:37 PM | by | ()

Neither rain nor heat can stop the forward march of progress in Fremont East.

A grey, rainy day did not halt construction in this rapidly evolving section of Downtown Vegas. We ambled through this morning and spied work everywhere we looked. At Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont (where Fremont East and the Fremont Street Experience meet), what was once a 7-Eleven is now shrouded in privacy canvas and scaffolding as it begins its transformation into a cafe, bar, newsstand, and theater with rooftop balcony. (See a rendering here.)

Across the street, Park on Fremont, a soon-to-open beer garden, sports an eye-catching facade of neutral brick and weathered planks with pops of green landscaping here and there. Once expected to open before 2012's close, work still continued today. We're now hearing that a February opening is most likely. Park takes over the space formerly occupied by Maharaja Hookah Lounge. The bar is a sister venue to nearby Commonwealth.

Next door to Park, a plain black exterior is all that denotes the future home of Radio City Pizza. The lights were on, but papered windows prevented us from seeing the state of things inside. Based on the exterior, it appears that a walk-up window may be a future option for the hungover and hungry. Your guess is as good as ours as far as an opening. Radio City keeps pushing back its debut. A countdown on its website now indicates it's next week. We'll see.

Up next on our hard hat tour -- La Comida, a Mexican restaurant by Michael Morton (behind N9NE Steakhouse, ghostbar, Rain Nightclub, Nove Italiano and Moon Nightclub). It's expected to debut in March. From what we saw today, that might be ambitious. The space is completely gutted. Even the concrete foundation has been ripped up. Once finished, you will find the resto on Sixth at Fremont, nestled right behind Commonwealth.

Across 6th, we spied workers in the midst of hoisting a snazzy red, black and white sign for Fremont Country Club, a live music venue and a sister joint to Backstage Bar & Billiards. Another project plagued by delays, Fremont Country Club once expected to make its debut Labor Day Weekend 2012. We've not heard a whisper of a new date other than "early 2013."

Last up, the highly anticipated Shipping Container Park is expected to receive its first Xtreme cubes within the next few weeks.

Today, crews diligently focused on grading the lot located between Fremont and Carson on 7th. Expect a fire-breathing praying mantis, a caboose that is a barbershop, restaurants, bars, shops, a playground, and an immersion dome. If it's hard to picture, just click here. A full reveal should take place this summer.

(All Photos: VegasChatter)

Archived Comments:

Fremont East

As things keep working further in the eastern direction, it seems that closing the Western might have been a little premature.  

The block next door

had fencing with privacy panels last night...it's been approved (and re-approved) for condos...Is anything happening there?

The Western

When the Western closed, many were thinking it was dead for good (or for the next decade). I'm proud to have gone on record as noting that they were just waiting for Fremont East to creep farther EAST.

You already have the Lady Luck (er, Downtown [not MGM] Grand) buying up property well east of The Western.

Western still has their unlimited gaming license, package liquor license, and who knows what is grandfathered in from many decades ago. They also have LAND. The basic property plus the RV park.

They can go in any direction they want, from refurbishing the place into a locals (read: Zappos employee) hangout to turning the rooms in to efficiency rentals for downtown's burgeoning labor force.

Or... knocking it all down and doing something totally original. Or... something in-between