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Downtown To Get A New Art Gallery, Still No Grocery Store

January 25, 2013 at 12:08 PM | by | ()

When we updated all that is going on with The Ogden, we discovered what will fill the last vacancy at this important Downtown hub. In addition to being the actual home of Downtown catalyst Tony Hsieh, The Ogden is emblematic of the commercial, residential and community aspirations of Downtown's rebirth. Create a place for locals, that tourists will want to experience. And if you like the changes on Fremont East, you'll probably dig the new tenants at the bottom of this residential building located super close to El Cortez.

But, it's the local angle we've been monitoring closely, since being given a tip almost a year ago: that a much needed grocery story was coming to the Ogden's ground floor. Our source was someone who not only knew the score, but really needed to know. It appears, however, their enthusiasm was all for naught. The final space in the Ogden will now be occupied by a 3,000-square-foot art gallery.

While that's kind of nice, we can't help but feel that the residents in the area would have preferred a quick and easy destination for essentials. The gallery wasn't a complete surprise as we'd also been monitoring the status of the Chalk Gallery referenced by a local building company. They've had a rendering of the space on their website for months. We thought the project might be as dead as our Nacho Daddy discovery last May. We can't yet confirm this is the actual forthcoming art venue, but it's quite the coincidence. Either way, with luck, the new gallery will make our must-visit list of downtown hotspots.

While we wait on extra details, we can confirm within the next few months that the Ogden will be filled with "wholesome food" from Rachel's Kitchen, healthy pizza from Slice and an inspirational lecture venue. Maybe that didn't come out right. Go, Ogden.

(PHOTOS & RENDERING: Alliance Building Group)

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I want a grocery store I can walk to (not counting the place next to the late, unlamented Mamita's)


i've lived in the ogden for well over a year and have heard promises of a grocery store for just as long. i moved to this neighborhood because i was excited by the revitalization and loved the idea of a truly livable, walkable, urban neighborhood in las vegas. i have yet to see anything in development that would support that concept- just a bunch of bars, "community spaces," galleries, whatever. i can't cook or eat with art or the vague zapponian ideal of "community" and i'm sick of driving 20 minutes away to get to trader joe's. UGH.

What a crock.

Ogden resident here. This is totally bogus. I'm sick of Downtown Project and all this feel-good Zapponian community B.S. We have enough art galleries and bars and crap downtown. What we need are REAL ESSENTIALS, the most important of which is a grocery store.

Order Groceries In

As someone who is pondering hi-rise living (maybe Allure, maybe Ogden), groceries are something I've thought about. After all, it isn't really convenient to make multiple trips between your car and your front door.

Vons offers grocery delivery. I've used it and was quite satisfied. You order online, give any special instructions for the shopper, and they deliver it all to your door for about $10 (depending on time of day and size of order). Minimum order is $49, but that is no big deal. They honor whatever they have on sale that week.

It does require the discipline of making a shopping list. And obviously, there isn't the spontaneity of you and that special something grabbing a few items at the store to whip up dinner with. But since we're probably a few years away from downtown having the kind of population density to support a real grocery store, it's a decent option for now.

For those with wheels, the Albertson's on Charleston and Bruce is only a mile from Fremont East. Most people in the valley drive farther than that to their grocery store.