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10 Pinterest Travel Tips To Steal For Your Next Vegas Vacation

January 28, 2013 at 4:18 PM | by | ()

Ahh, Pinterest. The place women go to plan imaginary weddings (careful there, Manti Te’o), crafts, recipes for fattening food and exercise routines to work off said food.

But, Pinterest is more than a visual bookmark site for things no one has time, or money, for. Suprisingly, there are some useful and clever tips that make traveling so much easier. Here, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorites that just might come in handy the next time you visit Vegas. But, fellas? This one is mostly for the ladies.

1. Arrange Your Clothes On Hanging Shelves

What a genius use for hanging shelves. Load days’ worth of your favorite outfits and hang them up in your hotel closet in seconds. Unpacking and packing will be a breeze!

2. Seal Bottles With Plastic Wrap

Don’t risk spilling liquids on your entire wardrobe. Don’t want to bring a whole bottle? Then just…

3. Store Makeup and Creams In Carry-On Friendly Contact Lens Cases

As much as we love buying travel-size everything (they’re just so tiny and cute!) this is much more economical. (Read: more money for tips!)

4. Put Cotton Balls and Wipes In Your Compacts To Keep Powder From Breaking

If only we knew about this 10 broken makeup compacts ago.

5. Use A Children's Floatie As A Bottle Protector

No need for expensive travel wine bags. Break-proof that booze with a kid’s (cheap and reusable!) floatie.

6. Store Your Shoes In A Shower Cap

Did you see how gross your feet were after walking that casino floor barefoot? You nasty heelrat, you. Who knows what you might have stepped in while not wearing shoes. Finally, a good use for those free shower caps. You didn’t really use them, did you?

7. Use Straws To Keep Necklaces From Tangling

Another genius timesaver using a household item.

8. Use Your Watch, Or Buttons, As Earring Holders

So clever. Now, try not to dance so hard that you lose them in the black hole that is a nightclub dance floor.

9. Take Pictures Of Your Room Number, Parking Spot, Travel Documents, Etc. On Your Phone

When traveling, it’s smart to be able to retrieve important information quickly and easily. Try your best not to lose your phone where it could end up in the wrong hands. Which brings us to…

10. Get a Joey Bra

Whether you’re at the gym or at a nightclub, a purse is just too much baggage. Store your phone, cards and ID discreetly in this pouch built into your bra. Just make sure to slather on the anti-perspirant.

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One more...

Take a picture of everything you are ready to pack laid out, then another picture of your packed bag.

If the airline loses your luggage (and it still happens more than most of us want to think about), this will make getting reimbursed so much easier. Otherwise, they are going to try to bog you down with forms and demand receipts which are probably long gone.

Airlines will still screw you over

It doesn't matter if you took pics, they'll turn around and make it hard for you to prove the pics are current. The only way is really is to take out travel insurance and take pictures and have a pic with the newspaper with the date.