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Hakkasan To Open By May

January 28, 2013 at 3:17 PM | by | ()

Remember when Hakkasan once promised a debut of December 2012? Well, add another four to five months to that. The photos above and below show what Hakkasan looked like over the weekend.

Back in September, we reported that Hakkasan wouldn't open until late April 2013. Now, that timeline still seems to be the case as Vegas Uncork'd touts its kick-off party at Hakkasan.. on May 9. And, if Twitter can be believed, the club will open first with the restaurant to follow:

the #Hakkasan in Vegas (club portion is April... Restaurant portion will be open in May)... Hakkasan BeverlyHills in July!

Hakkasan wrapped up a hiring fair a few days ago. When it makes it debut, it will be a five-floor restaurant/club.

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