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How To Have A Super Sunday In Vegas From Twitter's Vegas Big Game

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For some, it will be their first time. For others... let's just say they've been around the block Strip a time or two. But, for Twitter's @VegasBigGame, 2013 2014 2015 marks the 16th 17th 18th time of doing it big in Vegas. Big Game big, that is. Imagine it. Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen years of Super Sundays in Vegas. Amaze.

We instantly knew two things. One, we had to party with this group of friends. Two, we had to get them to share that wealth of knowledge. Below, you'll find their top tips for watching the Super Bowl in Vegas:

1. Cash is king. Expect to hand over big amounts of cash to get into any place worthwhile. The VIP services and advanced booking places generally can't help you too much on Big Game weekend. The demand is too huge. You're going to need cash. A lot of it.

2. Use your host. Cab lines and check in lines get huge. Talk to a casino host ahead of time to arrange limo pick up and VIP check in. We've had guys end up being stuck at the airport in taxi lines for 2 hours+. And, if you haven't made dinner reservations yet, it probably is too late. You'll need help from a host at this point.

3. Stay Sunday night. Sunday after the game has a very cool vibe to it. It almost feels like a weight is lifted off everyone's shoulders and the party is a lot less in your face and more genuine. Hard to describe, but most of us try to stay through till Monday now. Sunday is a fun night.

4. Get there early. Even if you're VIP'ing it. If you are going to a casino party, find out what the deal is with seating. Most of the time you are assigned to your host's area of tables, but not to a particular table and definitively not to a specific seat. This is important because although there are huge screens all over to watch the game on, some seats are better than others. Be there where the party doors open and beat the crowd to get the best seat, even if you are VIP.

5. Don't be strangers. Get to know anyone at the table that is not in your group. You'll have more fun that way. Offer to do a group parlay bet. Everyone kick in $20 and pick something odd like the over/under on the first punt.

6. And, don't be that guy (or gal). We all remember the Bucs v Raiders. We shared a table that year with a couple of loud guys from LA. The guy made a point of calling his bookie from the table to place a bet on the coin toss. He lost that bet and proceeded to have just a miserable night of betting.

The good thing was that he was a terrible loser and, for whatever reason, just about our whole group had bets that were cashing in. He couldn't take it and he bailed out of the party before the end. Good thing too because we hit a '$25 pays $850' prop bet on the interception that ended that game (margin of victory bet) and we would have never let him hear the end of it. To your readers we say: don't be that guy. Don't be an ass at the party. Karma's a bitch.

7. Consider a strip club. We have talked to enough strippers over the years to know that serious consideration should be given to watching the game at a strip club. There are typically great specials on drinks, food and, yes, dances. But, the girls we have talked to have said that they basically watch the game during the game.

Even with a mixed group, you might want to consider going to a big strip club if you cannot get into a casino party. Really, what could be more Vegas than watching the Big Game in a strip club?

8. Lastly, in all things, moderation. We suggest that you don't over do it at the Big Game party because you might end up passed out on the floor of a strip club, missing your flight home, getting fired or pretty much being the last straw that broke the camel's back on a marriage that was already headed off the tracks.

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always a great atmosphere

Superbowl at a sportsbook is the only way to watch this game. But have to get their early to get a seat.