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We Stayed in a Stay Well Room at The MGM Grand (And We're Better For It)

Where: 3799 Las Vegas Boulevard [map], 89109
January 30, 2013 at 7:26 PM | by | ()

A few months ago, we saw a Twitpic of one of the vitamin C-infused showerheads inside the new Stay Well rooms at MGM Grand and, soon enough, our curiosity (how does this contraption work? does it really work?) gave way to obsessiveness. We had to stay there on our next trip to Vegas. And, so we did.

We initially wanted to spend a weekend raging in Vegas, doing all the things we knew would guarantee a head cold like excessive drinking, cigarette smoking, second-hand smoking, dancing all night, making out with strangers and getting just a few hours of sleep each night. We wanted to know -- would staying in a Stay Well room prevent us from getting sick?

Unfortunately, as the Allman Brothers once said, there's no one left to rage, er, run with anymore so we settled for a one-night stay during the week to test our (un)scientific hypothesis. We did, however, feel rather run-down as we landed in Vegas and we wondered if the Stay Well room could prevent us from acquiring a full-blown head cold. Conclusion: We think it did.

The Stay Well rooms look similar to the recently renovated rooms at the MGM Grand with updated bedding, furniture, carpets and toiletries. But, of course, these wellness rooms got some extra touches from the folks at Delos Living, a wellness real estate company helmed by Dr. Deepak Chopra.

Aside from the vitamin C-infused showers which will wash away chlorine remnants and byproducts of disinfectants, the Stay Well rooms feature super duper air purifiers, dawn simulator alarm clocks, black-out shades, healthy room service options, wellness lighting in the bathrooms that blast out melatonin, protection from electromagnetic fields, photo-catalytic coating that breaks down bacteria, and complimentary online access to the Cleveland Clinic for 60 days after your stay where you can learn more tips on healthy living, eating and sleeping.

With all this cool technology in the rooms, it was a shame we were there for less than 24 hours. And, admittedly, our stay was incredibly low-key. We arrived from the airport, dropped off our bags and got some lunch at 'wichcraft. We took that back up to the room and fired up Amazon Prime to stream episodes of Downton Abbey. Then we got dressed and headed out to meet a friend.

We ate and drank moderately at dinner and, when we returned to the room, we pretty much went to bed. No kissing strangers, no puking in the shower, no passing out. Just bed.

But, when we woke up, we felt like we could breathe better. No bloody noses here! Our hair and skin felt silky smooth after the shower, instead of flaky and dry. We got a rather good night's sleep even though we slapped the alarm clock thingie a bunch of times when the dawn simulator noises tried to gently wake us up. We had a long day ahead of us -- meetings, tours, and a flight back home -- but, we felt peppy throughout the day. Even when our flight was slightly delayed and we had to sit in rainy traffic on the way home.

Despite the wellness amenities, there were a few quirks. We didn't like how the nightlight near the bed was so bright and we definitely didn't like that it was automatic, meaning it turned on when the room was dark and there was no way to pull it out. We loved that the dresser with the TV included one of those technology panels which allow you to plug in and charge all your gadgets, but it was at a weird height. It would work better on the desk. And, MGM Grand now charges a $25 resort fee, per day, plus tax. It does include high-speed WiFi strong enough to let you stream episodes of Downton Abbey, but just remember to add this fee to your total room cost.

Even though we didn't get to test our initial hypothesis, we're pretty sure that if you go to Vegas and drink all night, spend hours gambling in a smoky casino and eat crap, you will still get sick. No amount of air purifier or wellness lighting is going to prevent that. But, if you're looking for a relaxing way to kick it in Vegas without having to splurge for a suite or an overpriced spa treatment, these Stay Well rooms are the way to go.

There are only 42 of these rooms in the entire hotel so booking in advance or during off-peak times (during the week, during the winter) is recommended. Rates for the rooms vary on the day/season but expect to pay about $30 more than a regular room.

Archived Comments:

Staying well...

I would assume a well room would include a comforter that is washed after every guest???

THat's exactly what I was about to say

You can be sure the comforter isn't changed unless you ask for a new one. The Vitamin C showers are real joke, if anything you need to ingest the vitamin.

The 24/7 light is a big disaster...and that's the second best reason not staying there. the first reason is the resort fee. Nuff said.