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Hello Nobu, Goodbye Hyakumi?

January 29, 2013 at 4:51 PM | by | ()

The signage for Nobu Way has gone up at Caesars Palace. The Nobu restaurant and lounge are getting the final touches as are the 181 guest rooms inside the Nobu Hotel. Now all we have to do is count down the hours until the joint opens. (That's happening around 11am on Friday, February 1st.) But, there's something we can't stop thinking about.

Directly across from the swank new Nobu Hotel lobby/elevator bank is the old Hyakumi Japanese Restaurant, the other sushi restaurant at Caesars. And by "directly across" we mean DIRECTLY ACROSS from the Nobu Hotel. The hostess at Hyakumi will be seeing guests checking into the Nobu Hotel and presumably making reservations for the higher-end sushi joint instead of Hyakumi.

We've heard from Caesars that the Hyakumi restaurant situation will have to be addressed because they can't have two sushi restaurants across from each other. Whether this means Hyakumi will be closing or simply moving to another space inside the casino has yet to be determined. However, we did see this tweet which said that starting this Friday, Hyakumi will no longer be serving dinner.

Caesars' website does list lunch hours for the restaurant so maybe those will stay around. Maybe. Really, its day are numbered at this point. But, back to Nobu -- have you seen our post on the $288 bento box from room service? That's more than the starting room rate!

Archived Comments:

Not much of a loss

Can't say I'm broken up about Hayakumi ending its run. It was a perfectly serviceable restaurant, but I'm really looking for more than perfectly serviceable in a Caesars dining experience.

Never heard of it, never saw it

Until my last trip to CP I never saw or heard of this joint. Makes sense for it to go away with Nobu opening. Maybe they'll put another shitty Gordon Ramsay joint there.  

Is that

the resto across from Gossy Room that never has more than two diners?  If so I couldn't have named it if you pinned me down and forced me to repeatedly listen to that Sarah McLaughlan song until I coughed it up.  

Throw a Pat Obrien's in there.  The Nobu crowd will love it and Vegas needs another chain from Cancun.