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When Things Will Start To Close At Bill's

January 29, 2013 at 5:12 PM | by | ()

Bill's Gamblin' Hall & Saloon is in its final days. The dive casino-hotel will close February 4 for a year-long renovation that will change it from top to bottom and bring a new name, too. (If that's news to you, read specifics here.) If you were planning to stop by one more time or for the first time ever, here's when its venues will begin to shutter, as posted on its Facebook page:

The Players Club will be closed at 10 p.m. on February 3rd.
Agents will be available on Feb. 4th to answer questions until noon.

The Victorian Café and Room Service will close at 10 a.m. on Feb. 4th.
The nearest café options are the Tropical Breeze Café or the Paradise Buffet at the Flamingo.

Check out time for guests will be 10 a.m.
Exceptions will be made for some casino guests with the understanding that all guests will need to vacate the building by noon.
For late check out, please contact your casino host or the Front Desk.

All gaming and slot play will cease at noon.

The garage will close at noon and all cars will need to relocate by 3 p.m.

Any guest looking to redeem sports bets after noon should visit the Flamingo Race and Sports Book.

If you have any memories of Bill's, good or bad, share them below.

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Archived Comments:

They finally notified a friend with a .....

....March reservation, 2 weeks ago.  Had fun staying and playing there, but the way they handled the closing for their customers left a lot to be desired.


Bill's is where I was first exposed to Pai Gow Poker.

Anyone heard anything about what the rebranding is going to look like?


Another loss to the low/mid-level Vegas tourist, in favor of the insipid "upscale chic boutique" nonsense that is making the city only welcoming to those in their 20s.  And when they're gone, then what?

Some of my best memories...

Are from nights I can't remember that ended at Drais.  Good times. :)

Good Times

I wasn't as fond of Barbary Coast as I was of O'Shea's, but this is another real bummer. I agree with @sammasseur in that CET seems to be tying to tap a market that has to be finite.

We're already hearing that the opening of Hakkasan may saturate the club market to the point where another club (or two) closes.

At the end of the day, there are only so many Cosmopolitan-type customers. Now, we have Nobu opening.

I realize that the high-profits are in the high-end customers. But CET (and Sam Nazarian) need to beware: At the height of the boom, I went on record as noting that there wouldn't be enough "rich" people to fill all of the new high-end rooms, and they'd end up being available to everyone at reasonable prices just so the properties could keep them full.

If both this project and the new Sahara come to fruition, you're probably going to tap out the demographic they are after.

end of an era

Its the end of one of my favorite dives. Now all that's left is Casino Royale on the strip w. $5buck BJ....sad, so sad. On the upnote at least their is still plenty of dives downtown.

My 2 cents....

Although I'm not in my 20's anymore (early 30's), we all have to remember that yes, Vegas IS trying to attract those in their 20's because THEY are the future of Las Vegas. Personally I feel that a smarter thing to have done here would have been to incorporate (expand) the Flamingo into this property. In all the times (many, MANY times) I've been to Vegas, I must say I've never set foot in here for 2 reasons. #1-I couldn't use my T.R card here .#2-The stench of puke coming from this place from the sidewalk was enough for me!!!!.