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Checking In On Some Construction Projects Around CityCenter

January 29, 2013 at 7:41 PM | by | ()

Time to check in on a few Strip construction projects we've been monitoring. And, all within a stone's throw of each other.

First, the elevator outside of Harmon Corner that will head down to Planet Hollywood and the PBR Rock Bar. If youíve ever walked around here you'll know it's been an unnecessary pain to travel in the opposite direction if you want to head downstairs. Trust us. If you are at this section of the Strip when it's crazy busy, youíve probably cursed the architects. Well, back in August they started building a $2 million escalator to fix the congestion. And, to our surprise, itís really close to finishing. Looks good to us. And, in a related note -- yes, it took two million dollars to build an escalator.

While you stand around, like us, taking photographs of the escalator for your scrapbook, face the opposite direction and admire the Aria Pylon. Oh, weíre big fans. We canít stop writing about it. And, the 54-feet-wide, 260-feet-tall vertical advertising sign advances ever skyward. Itís so big, people walking under it don't even seem to notice. Wait 'til they turn on the 150-foot-tall digital screen. Theyíll notice.

And, over at CityCenter, youíll notice the occasional fussing of construction around the edges. Itís part of a series of improvements to the Casino Center Drive area, including attention to the planters, lighting and drainage. Itíll cost about $700,000. They could have almost bought an escalator.

One visual improvement in the area is the removal of the rather bland Aria sign on the south-facing side of Crystals. The Aria pylon will be doing the job of advertising in this area in the future. Way back in June of last year, we heard about this change so here's proof things move slowly at Crystals. We believe it to be that a fancy Dolce & Gabbana sign will replace it, if you are taking notes at home. Another future photo for your scrapbook.

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Well.... I'm not a picky person here but my vacation starts in 23 days. Am I going to be walking around in a PRE-2007 strip? I mean is this now "AGAIN" nothing but construction cranes and plywood passageways around PH and City Center? I mean... DAMN!

i hope not

turnip I hope not... let me know how it is when you get there. I'm staying at PH in  a lil over a month so I'm very interested in hearing how it is for ya!