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How To Get Rated Playing Blackjack

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We all want free stuff at the casino. Just sitting at a blackjack table, you'll be able to get a free drink and maybe even a free smoke. Since machines are the most accurate at tracking play, you may even earn enough players club points to get a free sandwich. These perks, along with discounted hotel rooms, are the little things that keep the low to medium rollers happy.

In Vegas, if you're playing blackjack for less than $25 a hand, don't expect much more than a free drink or smoke. Most Vegas Strip casinos will not rate your play unless you are playing green ($25) chips. Some pit bosses will tell you this when you place your first bet with red ($5) chips and some won't. The pit bosses that don't say anything are assuming you don't know or don't care and would rather not take the chance of belittling your play.

This is just a PSA so you're aware of what your play earns you. Managing expectation is important in keeping gambling fun. If you expect too much from your play you'll often be left disappointed with the comps made available. Gambling for comps doesn't usually end pretty so don't increase your play from $10 a hand to $25 a hand just to get a free hotel room somewhere. Play what you're comfortable playing with and have a good time at the table.

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Try Local

I know at some of the Station casinos, you can give them your card when you buy in (I usually buy in for $100, so that may make a difference) and still get some credit for $5 play if you stay for a decently long session.

Not buying it.

I know I earn comps at CET casinos betting $10 since I can go online and see what I have before and after.  And I've played for $5 at Stations and have earned points there as well.  I had a pit boss at Four Queens tell me that they don't rate under $5 per hand late one night when they had $3 minimums.  So while I am sure that it is $25 minimum to be rated at places like Bellagio, Cosmo, etc. it is hardly the norm all over town.

i hear both sides...

i kinda agree w. MRIsland. CET does rate you less than 25/hand but in reality eastcoastgambler is right. The rating will give you a free room, thats bout it.

Now, if you go to Casino Royale or most casinos downtown $10/hand will get you free room and a comp at outback if you play long enough... figure 12 hours give or take.

not true AT ALL...

this article is NOT true at all. low rollers can get rated at places on the strip.

was playing $10 bj one weekday at cosmo two months ago, didnt bother to hand in my card because i heard the same thing as this article states. was chatting with the pit boss and mentioned, 'oh, how much is the min bet to get rated?', he said 'there is no minimum, always hand in your card'. so i gave him my card and got rated for my play.

after that was playing $10 bj at monte carlo for two hours. handed in my card when i first started playing. come back home, and ive already had comp offers for 2, 3, and 4 night stays.

Getting Rated

Tipping the dealer helps you get rated higher as well. At one place that I didn't think I was going to be playing very long, I got on a hot streak and played for about an hour or so. When I finished playing and colored up, (I won about $800 and tipped the dealer close to $100) the pit boss went looking for my rating card. I told him I didn't have one for his casino. He told me to go get one and come back. When  I got back he asked me what I bought in for. I told him $100. He said "$300, OK...How long have you been playing, three, four hours?" I didn't get a chance to answer him and he says "What were you betting? $20-$25 a hand?" In other words he "pencil whipped" my rating card because I was making money for "the boys".

A couple months later, I received some very, very nice offers in the mail from that casino. Between the room, free play and the dining credits, it was well worth tipping the $100.