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Five Places To Find Pawn Stars In Las Vegas

January 4, 2013 at 2:10 PM | by | ()

We've talked plenty about our local Pawns Stars over the past few years. We told you what it was actually like in the store, called them out for their ridiculous debit card, and advised you on what "open 24 hours" means in real life, among other stalker updates.

There is once again plenty of new energy surrounding the shop now that the show is in the midst of new episodes. What's amazing is that a simple show about selling garage clutter has produced three spin-offs on the History Channel, including American Restoration, Cajun Pawn Stars, and Counting Cars -- two of which are based here in Vegas.

The success of Pawn Stars brought a new avenue for tourism to Las Vegas and brought attention to locally-owned businesses. With the new shows about Vegas shops now currently on-air alongside Pawn Stars, we expect the trend to continue in 2013. As you'll see, even those who haven't developed separate television shows are seeing their businesses benefit greatly from their appearances on Pawn Stars.

Want to meet one of these local celebs? Here's a fan's guide to finding them:

American Restoration: Rick Dale of Rick's Restorations was the first to get his own show (debuted October 2010) after consistent appearances on Pawn Stars as an on-camera antique expert. His shop is located at 1112 South Commerce Street and restores vintage items. You can see new episodes this month on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on the History Channel. Got something to sell or restore? Here's how you can apply to appear on the show.

Counting Cars: Danny "The Count" Koker had his spin-off debut in August 2012. The show chronicles the daily activities at his automotive restoration shop, Count's Kustoms. You look into your own kustom job at 2714 Highland Drive or, if you want to be on the show, submit your info here. Look for new episodes to air in the first part of 2013 on the History Channel.

Toy Shack: This isn't a new show, but it is the shop of Johnny Jimenez, the regular "toy expert" on Pawn Stars and the one place it's safe to take your kids in town. Kidding, but wow, is this a job your kids will covet or what? The shop is located in downtown's Neonopolis, so pop in when you're downtown for a play date.

First sale in the new shop.

Ultimate Sports Cards and Memorabilia: Pawn Stars sports memorabilia expert Jeremy Brown recently moved his business into a new store at Neonopolis, too, after outgrowing his former shop at Cheyenne and Tenaya. Stop in when in town to cash in some of that baseball card collection that's only seems to be collecting dust.

Gold And Silver: And, lastly, there's the spot that started it all, Gold And Silver Pawn on at 713 Las Vegas Boulevard South. Stop by to browse the merchandise, gawk at the guys (if they're there), or scope out the space for your next private event (yes, they do those). If you've got something to pawn and want to do it on the show, click here to contact producers.

[Photos: History Channel, Steve Marcus for the Las Vegas Sun, 52deluxe, blog.vegas.com, Ultimate Sports Cards on Facebook]

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More Vegas shows (I hope)

On our last trip by Dino's they said that someone was pitching to do a show from there too! It is after all the "oldest nieghbourhood pub on the Strip"

Cowtown Guitars

Lets not forget Jesse, the shops guitar expert. He owns Cowtown Guitars on Main, north of Charleston.  When we brought our vegas dryness damaged Taylor in, he was very helpful.