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You'll Have To Wait A While For Wayne's Casa To Be Su Casa

January 3, 2013 at 9:41 PM | by | ()

Back in 2010, we discovered that Mr. Las Vegas (the OG one, not the new one) wanted to open Casa de Shenandoah (aka his Vegas home) up to anyone who wanted to come. And, pay admission.

Fast forward two years to this past summer where news report listed Wayne Newton's project as stalled amid legal action and pretty much written off by all. But, don't count it out just yet.

Recently, government zoning officials granted a time extension to the project, allowing a full year to get it underway again. Paperwork filed with the county calls construction of a two-story building, which will house a museum, visitors center, theater and food court (food court?), "complete." It also seems to indicate that a separate building, which will become an gift shop-slash-auto museum, and a third building, meant to be an airplane museum, are also finished. County officials have set a date of December 18, 2013 to next review the project. Because all we want for Christmas is access to Wayne's world. (You know, we had to say it.)

In the meantime, some additional interesting tidbits from the public record:

●Some 300 to 400 people (not a typo) are expected to be employed by the project.
●Shuttles will ferry guests from a nearby parking lot on Sunset Road to the ranch.
●Tours will feature stops to see Wayne's horses, his exotic animals (including penguins, peacocks and parrots), parts of his actual home, parts of his guest house (shrugs) as well as the auto and airplane museums and theater as noted.
●There will be a wedding pavilion, too.

What we don't know, though, is how much Wayne will charge for this glimpse into his life, if it does indeed finally get off the ground. How much would you pay? Let us know in the comments below!

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They would have to pay me no less than $50