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Even Fat Tuesday To Get A Grand Renovation (And, A Bad Sign For Rainforest Cafe)

January 30, 2013 at 4:23 PM | by | ()

You won't be able to get your yard-long marg on at MGM Grand right now.

Fat Tuesday is undergoing a Grand Renovation of its own. A walk-by the, erm, Underground bar on Friday showed a floor-to-ceiling construction wall covering the space it occupied as well as the venue once next door, a retail outlet for Rainforest Cafe. The whole space now seems to be claimed for a bigger Fat Tuesday with a "NEW look!" coming this March.

A peek through wide open construction doors (see above) show everything has been ripped out. This is what the space looked like before:

What's more interesting is the erasure of the Rainforest Cafe outlet. Something we didn't even notice was gone at the time. How quickly we forget, we know. Its disappearance could spell bad news for the kid-friendly restaurant itself which is just steps away from what will be one of the city's newest clubs, Hakkasan. Awk-ward. We first reported on rumors that Rainforest Cafe's days were numbered back in December of 2011.

Archived Comments:

Good Riddance

Rainforest Cafe never belonged in MGM in the first place. Wont be sad to see it go! Should have been taken out when the waterparks and theme park left anyway!

But then again...what are they going to do with the space? Another Michael Mina, Ramsey, Lagasse, Todd English, etc creation??? I think those are just about used up at this point



I hope Fat Tuesday's re opens by March 4th when I land. I love me some 151 octane to get my day started!

As for Rainforest Cafe, eh... its alright. But the "thunderstorm" effects are getting kinda old

Rainforest Cafe

Seems to me that Rainforest Cafe would be better at The Linq. A location at The Linq would be a better match for the restaurant.

better yet

put it at Circus Circus, thats where all the kiddies are!