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Where To Find Cook E. Jarr Once Bill's Closes

January 30, 2013 at 6:11 PM | by | ()

Yeah, you wish you were this bad a**...

Not too long ago we wondered what would happen to long-time Vegas lounge lizard Cook E. Jarr once Bill's closed. Caesars Entertainment couldn't give us an answer at the time, but now we're happy to share the news that his act will live on. And, just three hotels down.

That's right, the Jarr will follow Big Elvis to Harrah's. Pulse of Vegas, the blog of Caesars Entertainment, reports that Cook E. Jarr will rock his new home starting February 9. Catch him in the piano bar every Saturday and Sunday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Meantime, Pete Vallee (Big Elvis) serenades guests at Harrah's piano bar weekdays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

If you haven't seen either of them, add them to your Vegas list for the best in old school Strip cheez. Bill's closes on February 4th for a year-long renovation.

(PHOTO: blackgemrecords.com)

Archived Comments:


So... what happens to that karaoke over there?


You can find karaoke at Harrah's Piano Bar as well!

More Cook. E Please!

Thanks, I've been dying to see Cook in person. Now I know I'll have to head to Harrah's!