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CeeLo Green Adds Ivory Tinkling To His Loberace Video Debut

January 30, 2013 at 2:11 PM | by | ()

Last December, we mentioned the promotional video for CeeLo Green's upcoming residency at Planet Hollywood. It had been playing on the big screen outside the casino, but not online. Now, it is. And, with a flashy piano undertone, flashy car and flashy chandeliers, CeeLo's morphing into Loberace manages to hit three well-worn Liberace notes. But, it certainly gets the job done. Curious about CeeLo in Vegas? Take a peek:

And, if watching that video got you all jazzed for opening night on February 27, we have a new tidbit of information direct from a minty fresh press release:

"CeeLo Green, the conductor/ringmaster of “LOBERACE,” will take fans on a ride through colorful decades of music, stopping at legendary moments in time from Prince and Blue Magic to The Rolling Stones, from new wave to disco and beyond."

We admit it. We had to look up the "legendary moments" of Blue Magic. So, expect some covers. As to covering Liberace, we expect more Motown than Mozart. But, we'd put money the stage has a candelabra or two.

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