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Get Total Rewards Diamond Status In One Day

January 4, 2013 at 4:28 PM | by | ()

Climbing tiers in casino players clubs takes time and money. That's part of the fun of gambling at some of casinos, regardless of actual rewards. That said, some of perks are a nice reward. This writer has enjoyed quite a few free drinks at one of the Total Rewards Diamond Lounges as a "reward" for countless hours and dollars spent gambling at Caesars Entertainment properties. If you have patience, you can cut down the time it takes to reach Diamond Total Rewards status by becoming Diamond in a Day.

Diamond In A Day is basically a shortcut to achieving Diamond Total Rewards status. Instead of needing 11,000 tier credits over a year's time (maybe 15,000 this year) you only need 3,000 tier credits (may become 5,000 this year) in just one day. Your play must take place at one casino between 5 a.m. and 4:59 a.m. the next (casino business) day. Your Diamond status will stay intact for one year.

One tier credit is earned for every $5 you play through a slot machine and for every $10 you play through in a video poker machine. Table games ratings depend on what game you play, how long you play and how much you play. Caesar's Entertainment's Pulse of Vegas blog also says that money spent on property will count towards gaining Diamond In A Day status. Make sure all of your money spent is being tracked since you earn one point for every $5 spent on site.

Some of our favorite Diamond status perks with Total Rewards include access to Diamond Lounges for drinks and snacks, VIP Check-in (never a line), room upgrades and restaurant and taxi line skips. Is Diamond In A Day worth it? It depends on the person. We don't gamble just for comps, but we'll take the freebies if they come along.

Archived Comments:


I'm curious to know how many hours at what average bet you'd need to make the required tier credits playing craps.

I don't think I've heard of anyone making Diamond in a Day on table games.

Trying to wrap my brain around this

You essentially have to spend around $15,000 either gambling or doing whatever on site to make Diamond in a Day, right?


Juliana - Correct. So if you book a wedding you are halfway there or so. (I don't know how much a wedding costs)

binciong - I'm not sure how they rate the tables. Table rating is still inaccurate even though everything is tracked by computer. It's really up to the pit boss.

My table game

My table game experience with Total Rewards is average bet x hours played x 3 is a good approximation.  Doesn't seem to matter what the game is.


MrIsland your the first one to give me a legit calc to use while playing table games w. TR...appreciate that. I was thinking I'll never get diamond in a day playing BJ and I couldn't tolerate 24hrs of video poker play!

Worth Noting

If you are currently Platinum you cannot do Diamond in a day. Its for Gold only.

Tier/Diamond aspiration question

My question is simple--if I was close to qualifying for either the 40000 or 80000 tier credit bonus (free room, free flight and stay for four days, etc), how can I tell right now how close I was to either. In other words, say I accumulated 65000 tier credits last year...I can no longer see what that exact amount was since they've been reset back to 0. However, those credits do count toward the diamond aspiration goals/levels. All I can see now is my current tier credits, not any from previous years. I've looked everywhere.

Founders Card = Diamond Status

You can also get Diamond Status by becoming a member of Founders Card (www.founderscard.com) The annual fee is $795, but there's a $300 discount with a referral code.  Pricy, but a good way to get Diamond "befoe" your visit (It took 3 weeks for my status to jump from lowly Gold to Diamond, once joining Founders Card!)

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