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Which Would You Rather: Vdara or The Signature at MGM Grand?

January 4, 2013 at 6:20 PM | by | ()


In this episode of Vegas Decisions, we're helping our friends pick a place to stay later this month. But, not any room will do. Our friends are looking for some suite accommodations, preferably ones with kitchenettes. Ah, yes, the age-old "what are the best suites on the Strip?" question, but with a little kitchenette twist.

Immediately, our friends nixed the Elara (formerly known as PH Towers) since they stayed there last year which left us thinking of two places -- The Signature at MGM Grand and Vdara. Both of which we know to have little kitchens (and are also non-gaming and non-smoking). So now, how do the room rates stack up?

Through the end of January, Vdara is running a 30 percent off deal plus two complimentary buffets per stay. When we checked the availability for the last weekend of the month, there wasn't a 30 percent discount but the buffets were included. The room rates for a standard deluxe suite were $157 for Friday and $166 for Saturday for a total of $323, not including the $25 resort fee per day.

The Signature's deluxe suites were $109.38 a night for a total of $218.76, again not including the $25 resort fee per day.

...Or Signature?

So, what should our friends do? The Signature, while nearly $100 cheaper than Vdara, is somewhat ho-hum. It's a bit removed from the action of the Strip, but yet the casino at MGM Grand is just a people-mover away. Meanwhile, Vdara is walking distance to Aria, Crystals and the Cosmopolitan. But, is it really worth $100 more?

We're having a hard time with this one. The frugal side of us is saying, "Book Signature and save $100!" The Vegas-y side of us is saying, "Book Vdara! You can totally make up that $100 at the tables!"

What would you do--Vdara or Signature? Need some help deciding? Peruse our photo galleries above and then sound off in comments below!

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guess the pools aren't open. If so I would say the Signature bc I love the MGMs lazy river...

However, I truly feel the Signature is a bit out there. So I would lean towards the Vdara. It is MUCH better to be in the action then to in the bleachers!


I have not stayed at The Signature but have stayed at the Vdara 3 times and it is the hotel of choice when in town. Easy access to several hotels and very quick check in. Spa very good as well.


For an extra $100 choose Vdara!
I have stayed at the Signature and like the rooms and the pool.
The location is not the best and although there is a moving walkway part of the way,the long walk to everywhere gets old after a day or so.

pros and cons with both

I've stayed at Vdara 3 times since it opened, and just stayed at Signature for the first time in November. Both have pluses and minuses. Both are very comfy and roomy.

Signature is easy to get to the Strip via Harmon, straight shot especially if you're in Tower 3. The Vdara trek I certainly got used to easily, and had fun finding new ways to make the trip faster - going through City Center or Bellagio, or having to manuever that stretch of sidewalk from the stairs going down to Harmon. Signature also has it with the kitchenette being fully stocked at check-in, from coffee maker to toaster to flatware and cookware. The Starbucks is also just a few steps away.

Vdara definitely has it in terms of modern design of rooms, with the north-facing rooms (which I always ask for) having the two TVs, the separated seating areas, the addictive lobby smell, the new market cafe, and feeling nicely away from the stip without actually not being away. (Also, it was nice to have elevator banks by floor, where at Signature you had to hear the beep of every floor.)

My biggest problem with Vdara? The Cosmopolitan. Last time I was there, there was a mid-week party or concert that even though I was on the 27th floor, was blaring and thumping at 2am. Just a warning.