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Valet In, Wreck Out

January 4, 2013 at 7:21 PM | by | ()

There's a billion things to love about Vegas. But, every so often something gets under your skin, too. That's why we created our on-going series, Vegas Rants, so that you could get it off your chest and go back to enjoying all those things you heart in Vegas with good calmer karma.

This rant comes from a VegasChatter reader who reached out to us after coming across a 2010 VegasChatter article that just so happened to be a rant of our own about the Aria valet. Here's his story:

On my first (and last) visit to Aria the valet totaled my car. I tipped the guy 20 bucks and asked him to put it out front. When I returned after dinner I was told "there was an incident".

The valet had taken my Corvette downstairs and air bagged it. Aria refused to replace it saying "it could be repaired." The car had frame damage!!! I had to get my insurance company to total the car and go after them. This hotel deserves to go out of business. Stay away from Aria at all costs!!!!!!!!!

We'll give this Vegas rant a ten on the cringe meter. Got something that's been bugging you, too? Send it to us at tips@vegaschatter.com!

Archived Comments:


Mr. Corvette should have parked his own car and, you know, walked.  And did he really think Aria would park a Corvette "out front" between the Bentley and the Rolls?  It's Vegas, not Omaha.  

Air bagged it?

Does that mean they hit it on something and the air bags went off? Also I didn't know Insurance companies can total cars. But yes, you take a risk with valet. Good thing Las Vegas has free self-parking

Come on.....

.....SERIOUSLY posters, REALLY?! If this happened to you, I'm SURE you would be PI#$ED!!!!! And I don't care if you drive a Bentley, BMW, or a Ford Tempo.....the fact is....it's your's. And as a Casino employee (Not in Vegas), I'm SURE casinos carry an insurance policy for stuff like this. And of course Aria said "it could be repaired"!!! Insurance Companies don't just "write off" vehicles because a customer asked them too, that would cost them WAY too much $$$. Everyone who wanted a new car would do this. Truely, I don't blame this guy for being so mad. I've had my own "issues" with MGM MIRAGE in the past, and they have not seen a dime of my money in a VERY long time. I say "SUE 'EM!!!!"


OutlawG is right... A Corvette is NOT getting parked "out front" between luxury super-cars, especially when the tip is a measly $20.

TJC also has a point: anybody (including us) would be furious if this happened to us. I don't fault the guest for expecting that valet of a 4/(5?)-Diamond luxury resort would treat both his vehicle and his wishes with respect, but ultimately, if you entrust your car to someone else (regardless of whether you will sue, open a claim w/ insurance, etc.), there will always be an increased risk probability.

Don't want the risk? Don't give the car.