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Total Rewards Changes Confirmed and Detailed

January 7, 2013 at 1:11 PM | by | ()

Just days after we warned you that changes were coming to the Total Rewards players club this year, we received confirmation they were happening. Your 2013 status is already locked in through your 2012 play. These changes to Total Rewards will take effect for your points accumulated in 2013 for your 2014 status year.

If you're a Total Rewards member you may have already received a brochure with this year's changes. If you haven't seen the changes, here are details straight from the horse's (Caesars Entertainment's) mouth (brochure):

First up, the increases in tier credits needed to move up in status that we mentioned are true. Tier credits have increased anywhere from 20% to 30%.

Caesars' tries to soften the blow by introducing Bonus Credits. Bonus Credits will not go towards getting Diamond In A Day.

If you're still able to achieve Diamond status, you may actually get more benefits as new Diamond status levels are introduced.

If you've reached Seven Stars level with Total Rewards, you'll totally be rewarded with more freebies that you were probably already receiving. You can see the full brochure here if you'd like to see all of the information presented by Caesars for the new Total Rewards.

We never like to see players club requirements increase, but we like even less when they take things away. To Total Rewards' credit, and unlike most of the other recent players club changes, they aren't removing any of the perks of being a member. So, there's that.

The good news is that we shouldn't see much more change in players clubs this year since most of the players club requirements have been changed in the past year.

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