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How To Get All Charged Up For CES

January 7, 2013 at 7:47 PM | by | ()

So many people, so few outlets.

For those of you arriving in town for the annual tech-porn convention that is CES, we know you've already got your gear packed from your laptop to your tablet, smartphone, digital camera, wireless speakers, et al. But, do you have a plan for keeping all those gadgets at full strength while wandering the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center for hours on end, a place that sucks up battery life faster than you can imagine?

Of course, we're assuming that most of you have a Mophie or similar battery charger case for your phones which is a good plan because the options for a quick hit of juice are slim at the convention center. However, here's a few spots you can try if you're desperate and can't make it back to your hotel room. Know of some other clutch places to recharge? Let us know in comments below!


This is CES -- the Consumer Electronics Show -- so, of course, companies hawking charging stations will demonstrate their products here. Here's a few we found. Fingers crossed they have them out of the display boxes for you!
· Samsung: Booth 224 (North Hall meeting rooms). FYI: Samsung is known to bring their mobile charging stations out for CES so hit up here first.
· Griffin: Booth 5212 (North Hall)
· Ventev: Booth 35877 (South Hall)
· myCharge: Booth 4014 (North Hall)
· Nectar Mobile Power System: Booth 36037 (South Hall)


Our past attendees say there are often random outlets available in the smaller meeting and conference rooms where you can get a quick hit.


Ain't no shame in charging your phone in a bathroom. We once did it at Caesars Palace.


Whenever you stop for a bite to eat, whether at the convention center or elsewhere in town, look out for an outlet. We've spotted them in random eateries and bars. We've also seen someone charge a phone near the exit at Thunder from Down Under so you never know where an outlet will, um, pop up.


So far, we only know of one phone charging station which can be found at The Rio near their internet kiosks. This doesn't help when you're at the conference, but just in case you find yourself at the Rio (and stranger things have happened).

Found a sweet place to charge your phone (or other gadget) at CES? Tell us where in comments below!

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Last year....

....there were solar-powered charging stations outside the LVCC Central hall wih USB and AC outlets.