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Win The Lion's Share And Win It All

January 8, 2013 at 2:20 PM | by | ()

The Lion's Share is still waiting for you.

We stumbled upon this little-known Vegas legend back in August of 2012. A single slot machine that has never hit at MGM Grand since being installed in the mid-90s. And, since it has never paid out, it must take up space on the casino floor until it does.

At the time we reported on it, VegasChatter contributor Richard Lane came thisclose to hitting the $2+ million dollar jackpot. Seriously. It was a nail biter. One of the rumors surrounding the machine is that whoever does strike it rich will also win the machine itself.

VegasChatter fan and super sleuth Pierce G. wanted to confirm or bust that myth. And, did.

He reports that after two calls to MGM Grand (the first found that most employees didn't really know, either), he discovered that "it is a fact not a rumor that the winner will be given the machine after it is deactivated."

If you're feeling lucky and want to try your luck at the Lion's Share, look for the slot on the MGM casino floor. It moves around from time to time so, if you don't see it on first pass, ask an employee. And, if you discover that someone finally struck it rich on the slot and has carted it home, don't forget to let us know!

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Archived Comments:


I am going back for the second time in March and I know where I am going to be planting my butt. Right at that machine. I will walk away a winner and send you an email saying I won. And maybe some cash for the tip. Haha.

So hit or miss

I've been chasing that jackpot for 6 years. I've sat on her with a $20.00 for an hour, and I've also blown my $20.00 in 7 spins. She is very temperamental, does not like $5.00 bills at all and it takes a while to get paid by hand when you cash out.

Played in December

Played the Machine three times now, the last being December.  Usually have a great run with $40 - $100.  Last time $60 ran up 585 points on Mlife.  The wilds are wild everywhere, either on the payline or within one position of the payline.  Progressive only pays with all lions ON the payline.  Get three within one position of the payline and you still get $10,000, also not too bad.

While playing, you can't help but wonder what you will do with the winnings, lol.

It will be mine. Oh yes it will be mine!

I played this machine in December. It is a teaser but I will play it again when I am in town.