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Now What? Caesars Entertainment Kicks Gansevoort To The Curb

October 20, 2013 at 12:52 PM | by | ()

Well, we don't have to joke about mispronouncing the name, anymore.

Shocking pretty much sums it up.

Saturday evening, the Internet imploded when Bloomberg reported that Caesars Entertainment was ending its partnership with Gansevoort. The why is messy. Caesars Entertainment apparently dropped out of a project to bring a casino to East Boston after running into questions about a Gansevoort investor's alleged Russian mob ties. We said it was messy. You can read the full report here. Bottom line: the deal between the two brands to renovate and rebrand Bill's Gamblin' Hall & Saloon on The Strip is kaput.

What happens next? Well, the Las Vegas Review-Journal is reporting the project will continue, just with a new name.

The Caesars source said construction would continue and other aspects of the redevelopment, including turning Bill’s into a $185 million luxury hotel with 188 rooms, a rooftop nightclub and pool area created by Victor Drai, and a restaurant from television cooking personality Giada De Laurentiis.

So, basically, everything is pretty much staying the same, minus the name. Although, there go our hopes of an exhale spa. Meantime, for some, Bill's will always be Barbary:

While Caesars executives brainstorm on a new name (we're sure they'll appreciate your suggestions down below), what we here at VegasChatter want to know is -- will we see this again on the south end of The Strip? MGM Resorts' deal with Morgans Hotel Group to bring The Delano name to Vegas has seen a host of delays with an opening now pushed to next year. The official blame reason is due to heavy convention business, but really? Really? Let's just say we read HotelChatter and our money would have been on this happening on the south Strip first.

(Renderings: Caesars Entertainment)

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Not normally a Loveman yes man, but...

On the face of it, Gary's comment that basically no one operating on the fiscal level necessary to get this project of the ground can pass the vetting process seems pretty spot on. Of course, from the story it's not entirely clear whether the gangster or Caesers debt is the primary motivating factor for the denial.

I do love one bit of New England understatement from the New Hampshire marketing consultant, "Massachusetts does seem to be determined to distinguish itself in this process."

I Love Weekend Articles

The last one if I am correct was the rain storm a few months ago. Got that photo of the lightning and the strip as my background.
One weekend article a week would be good idea in my opinion. :)

They ought to just call it the "ORT"


"a morsel left at a meal : scrap"

Has the added advantage of being easy to remember and Caesars only has to white out the Gansevo and they're done with the rebranding.

Little Caesars'

would be appropriate imo

Barbary Coast

I'd like to see it called Barbary coast or bills again, but I'm guessing the name is not viewed by Caesars as upscale enough.  Horseshoe would be another choice, but again not upscale enough.  Sadly nowadays casino names don't play into the theme, so I guessing they will spend no time tossing a name on the place

Really sad

Drai's works,I was going to book there for May 2014

The Horseshoe sounds good!

I had a wild idea they could build a place that caters to casino gamblers rather than club kids. Maybe that's too far out of an idea for Las Vegas.

At least a real name

We already have the "M", the "D", the "LVH" and the upcoming "SLS".....let's hope they don't call it the "G"......

They could call it the G-Spot

Although we men will never find it.

Name it Pete or Julie.

They already have "Linc".


Before "The Quad" and before "Imperial Palace" the property north of "Flamingo" was named "Flamingo Capri".
Name it "Capri".

New Casino Name

Lemme see....

Site of running car chase and gun battle? Check!

Security and patorns shot/killed at Drai's namesake club across street? Check!

Rooftop pool and "day club?"  Check!

It's a no-brainer:

Wet 'N' Wild!


I live just down the road from this propoaed project in MA and I'm a long time visitor of Vegas. Am i correct in reading that Caesars is dropping Gansevoort bc of mob ties that were discovered by Ma gambling commission? In the meantime though the owner here had to drop Caesars bc that wasnt good enough. hmm... what a lot of trouble from folks who don't know their behind from  hole in the ground and probably have no business getting into the casino biz. Although I thought casinos in Ct was stupid too. The competitor in this market is Wynn... didnt he lose his bid in AC decades ago for supposed mob ties? This ought to be interesting.

thats what downtown is for

3 miles north dude.


Horseshoe or Capri sound good to me. Does anyone know if they are trying to align themselves with another hotel chain? Not sure the boutique idea was a good one to begin with.


Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.