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New Renderings, And Insight, For Gansevoort Las Vegas

October 3, 2013 at 5:31 PM | by | ()

Gansevoort Hotel Group co-founder and president Micheal Achenbaum and nightlife dude Victor Drai invited us to take a peek at the coming hotel's latest renderings last night. Well, we were with a select group of media, but we know we had to be first on the email chain.

As a reminder, Gansevoort will be debut in the former Bill's Gambling Hall location in March(ish) 2014. Opening remarks didn't reveal any new details other than it's across the street from Caesars Palace, instead execs chose to focus on how a smaller, 188-room boutique hotel will allow the Gansevoort team to provide a luxury experience for its guests. With that being the case, let's look to the newly released renderings to see what we can surmise:

Location, Location, Location
From the pic up top we can anticipate Gansevoort will not only be located across from Caesars (as our speakers revealed), but located next to Flamingo. Don't stop us now.

Protection is Priority
Tall, upholstered headboards are planned to prevent anyone from hurting themselves against the exposed brick wall in at least some guest rooms.

Bathroom Reading
Some light reading will accompany your rainfall shower. And, perhaps, encourage some late-night room service dessert binges.

The Fixtures
A closer look at the fixtures and bath accessories reveal bathroom reading will include reminders to scrub those dirty ears.

More Furnishings
We're totally stealing that peekaboo 'do not disturb' doorhanger. Our apologies in advance, G.

Party on the Roof
Two rooftop pools will hold the majority of dayclub revelers with additional private pools for the cabana-folk.

The Views
No broken loungers here, but rather plenty of comfy looking seating for the thonged, speedo'd, and big-yellow shirted. This angle also gives a closer look at yet another pool, this one elevated a level above the others. It may or may not be a topless area as one of the four animated guests looks as if she might be going for no tan lines. Either way, Flamingo's south-facing rooms will get a major upgrade in views come 2014.

What are your impressions of the latest peek inside Gansevoort? With under 200 guest rooms they don't need to market to the masses and clearly they aren't. But, are you now in that target market or will you be opting out?

Archived Comments:

Bills now 10 times the price

The rooms have a nice design, very different than anything else on the Strip, but they are just way too small.
Probably $300 a night to feel like you are in a NY loft is ridiculous. Also ridiculous will be the views, at least for anyone not staying at the Flamingo.

This would have been a better fit in one of the Caesars towers at least in my opinion.


They ruin the best little hotel on the Strip and now expect us to beg to pay 10X as much for the privilege of staying/playing there. Screw that! Boycott! Boycott! Boycott!

I shall drive them into bankruptcy from the lack of my patronage, I shall!

I don't get the outrage

I have seen a bunch of people complaining about how they are ruining what was bills. Okay, so Bill's casino had a bit of fun to it, but did any of you that are complaining actually Stay there? With only 200 rooms, this place will be sold out constantly. Why? Because you will get a nice looking and cozy room, center strip, and you don't need to walk 20 minutes to get from your room to the casino, pool, or food.
I miss Bill's casino, but in almost every way, Casino Royal is just as divey and fun if you give it the chance.

Staying there

Add me to the list of folks that are angry to see Bill's gone.  And yes, I did stay there plenty of times.  The rooms were great, the rates were even better, it had the most convenient parking/check-in/elevator setup on the strip, and no resort fees.  Never had anything at all to complain about. So, of course it had to go.  

Miss Bills

I love Casino Royal but it was nice to have several cheap casinos throughout the strip.  I love to stay on the strip but if they continue to get rid of my "cheap gaming" I will have to really start thinking about staying downtown.

Change is GOOD!

Bill's would have had to come down soon anyway, as it was getting really old.  If Gansevoort can help beautify the Strip, then more power to them. Sure hope their slots will be attached to Caesar's, and not independent, as some high-end hotels have opted to do. Unfortunately, those of us on a budget probably won't be staying at G., but we do enjoy visiting the more posh venues for a moment or two.  One thought, if Giada decides to open her windows to the Strip, her diners might be exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning...just sayin'!

Barbary Coast was fun!

Barbary (Bills) was a fun place to go and play crabs, bj, etc.  I had a great time there. I never stayed there but it was nice to have an affordable casino on the strip.  With Stardust, Frontier, Sahara, and Bills all gone... there is only Casino Royal. I believe Excalibur is getting worn out too... so maybe it will be the new "old casino" and offer some cheap games.  If the Strip is only 100% high-end then what's the fun? It's cool to go to the Wynn and walk across the street to Frontier.  Then you notice how beautiful the Wynn is and how affordable and cheap-fun the Frontier is.  Without the comparison it is all same-old same-old one after another high-end casinos.  No thanks.

This looks GREAT!!!

I love to see new things open up and change not only in my backyard in Brooklyn but in places I like to visit. Hope its up and running on time in March as I will be there in April


Am I right to assume it won't have a casino?


It will still have a casino!

Gansevoort yawn

I've stayed there numerous times over the years.
I will be spending much more time off the strip in the future.


I agree! I loved Bill's and will miss it too, but what I love about Vegas is that it's always changing.

If you can't handle it, then have fun at your off-Strip casinos.

The back of Bills I mean Gansevoort question

Does anyone know what the hell the hidden room looking thing is on the back of ganservoort?  The mystery room was also present in the bills and barbary coast days.  The room is in the upper right corner of the back of the building.  I stayed there 3 times in 2008 and was always curious what it is.  I thought someone might know, reader or editor.