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The myVEGAS App Is Finally Here

October 31, 2013 at 3:05 AM | by | ()

The myVEGAS app we’ve all been waiting for is finally here… in America. We were giving the opportunity to play the game ahead of the masses and, we have to say, we’re pretty impressed.

The game play on your mobile device looks identical to the game we’ve all fallen in love with on Facebook. The same slot games are included, but there are new mini-games when you're lucky enough to get three bonus icons on the reels. But, the best part of the app is something not included in the Facebook game; both, by the way, brought to us by MGM Resorts and PLAYSTUDIOS.

On the computer, myVEGAS borrows an idea from time-oriented games like FarmVille, while the app plays more like Candy Crush. For those of you who’ve never played Candy Crush -- in other words, you’ve been living on another planet -- you must complete a level to move through the maze and on to the next stage. In the myVEGAS app, you're presented with a task, like find 100 hot dogs on the reels of the New York-New York slot. When you’ve completed it, you’ll earn chips and coins and unlock the next task along the “maze.” In classic myVEGAS fashion, the maze runs through the virtual Strip starting at Circus Circus and ending at Aria. Slot games continue to be the core of the game, but the added game-within-a-game is a nice touch to keep things interesting.

That brings us to a very important question for myVEGAS vets, will the chips and coins you’ve already accumulated carry over from the Facebook game to the mobile app? The answer is yes!!! And, no. The chips (currency used for betting) start fresh on the app and cannot be transferred between games. So, if you’ve amassed millions on Facebook, you’ll have to come down out of the clouds and live like the rest of us begging for more every single day. However, your coins (currency used to purchase rewards) are available, and the coins you earn on the app are folded into the total you’ve earned on Facebook.

The next feature we love is the “virtual wallet.” Just like in the not-so-succesful Viva myVEGAS app, you’ll be able to see your active rewards right there on your phone while here in Vegas. But now, you're able to turn your coins into rewards from the app. So, if you're anything like us and forget to redeem a reward before you head out to The Strip for the day, you’ll be able to do it right from your smart phone.

But, we didn’t just learn about the app, we were also keyed in on some cool rewards that might be in the pipeline. Airline tickets, admission to Cirque du Soleil's non-Vegas shows, and partnerships with amusement parks around the country (world?) were mentioned.

Finally, there’s one thing this particular writer has been dying to have added to myVEGAS, and you better believe he asked the question. When will there be more table games available? The answer, of course, they are coming “soon.” But, don’t worry, we weren’t happy with that answer, so we pressed a little harder. We were told, slots are the bread and butter as the primary population playing the game are women ages 35-70, so the focus will remain there, but there was mention of a myVEGAS table games app. Now, we’re excited.

Download the Android version of the game, here. Access the iPhone/iPad version, here.

Update: Looks like the Apple app isn't in iTunes yet for America. Look for it to drop on November 5.

Archived Comments:

Talking about apps

Does anybody have a betting tracker app to recommend. I can use a simple spreadsheet but want something more glitzy


Just downloaded the app to my phone....AWESOME gameplay!

Talking about apps

cobourgladdie, I use BetBud. It's available on Google Play. They have a free version and a paid version (I think it's $2.99 which is a steal for me). The paid version tracks Win/Loss and Dollar amounts. Also, it tracks juice in case you have moneyline wagers.

not perfect yet

Wont let me download, says it is only available in Canada.  Must be a bug in the system

Not in the UK you can't

Tried to DL this morning...apparently it's not available in 'my country'.


was able to download

on my ipad this morning- works well!