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A Sneak Peek At Gold Spike's Rink

Where: 217 Las Vegas Boulevard North [map], 89101
December 10, 2013 at 12:03 PM | by | ()

In Downtown Vegas, Gold Spike plans to offer ice skating by week's end.

Execs have transformed a parking lot adjacent to its outdoor lounge area into a 4,000-square-foot ice rink for the season. We popped in for a peek on Sunday. Comfy lounge seating, fire pits, heater lamps, a parking lot light turned Christmas tree as well as log cabin-esque tiny houses to go complete the holiday scene.

So, when can you give it a go? We're not quite sure. At the time of our visit, staff didn't know exactly when the rink of faux ice would make its debut, except that it would happen by the end of this week.

We did learn that "small fees" would be charged for skating and skate rentals. How much they would be, though, was not shared. Right now, the going rate on The Strip is about $15 for a turn on the ice as well as the skates to do so.

This may be the first of a series of active Vegas sports at the Spike. Once the weather begins warming up again, there's talk that a volleyball court may pop up in its place.

UPDATE: Cold Spike, or so it's been dubbed, will debut December 13:

(PHOTOS: @sammasseur)

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How did I miss this??

This looks way better than Venitian, that is if it's actually real ice (Venitian was not).