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On Both Sides Of Flamingo, Future Vegas Under Construction

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December 10, 2013 at 8:40 PM | by | Comments (7)

The Vegas of tomorrow is changing rapidly with construction projects not just limited to the interiors of resorts, anymore. It won't be long before the Vegas of today will only be found in archival searches of Vegas past. Future Vegas isn't here quite yet, but its construction is.

One of the more dramatic changes will be found at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Flamingo where, on one side, Bill's (for lack of a better moniker) still sits gutted this week as construction workers transform the aging property into a swank, new boutique while, across the way, workers have begun to remove the Strip-side frontage of Bally's to make way for a sprawling outdoor mall bazaar.

VegasChatter's @sammasseur captured these images on Monday of two properties in transition. At Bally's, workers have started to dig up large sections of sidewalk and plantings, too. Pedestrian access has been blocked to the resort's (non) moving sidewalks both on The Strip as well as inside the hotel. You'll find a bit of quiet Vegas has been lost with foot traffic blocked from entering parts of the landscaped area out front. Sam tells us that guests trying to get to the Strip from Bally's must walk out the valet entrance and take the stairs towards the sidewalk on Flamingo or walk through the south side of the gardens (at least until that's closed, too, anyways).

On the other side of Flamingo, Bill's remains a beehive of activity despite bidding its branded partner, Gansevoort, goodbye in October. The property's gutted shell now features a towering steel super-structure atop its roof where we'll eventually find Drai's Beach Club. The structure also travels along its northern flank. At the rear of the property, a huge oval bump-out has also taken shape. Underneath is where we'll find a new porte cochere. A rendering of what it will look like can be viewed here.

There's still no official word on what the property's new name will be, nor when it will debut.

For now, @sammasseur notes that pedestrians should beware while walking down most of The Strip. Not only are improvement projects hampering foot traffic from The Quad down to Paris (where they're expanding Sugar Factory's outdoor dining), construction also runs from Monte Carlo to Tropicana (where a multi-million dollar district will soon begin to come online). And, that's Tropicana the street and not the hotel. But, in a few months, you'll likely be adding them to this list as well as they launch a new project of their own. And, let's not forget about what's happening over at Casino Royale. And, then there's SLS, Resorts World, and we haven't even mentioned what's happening downtown, too!

(PHOTOS: @sammasseur)

Comments (7)

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New things to see

I remember back in 1995 through 2005, everytime I went to Vegas, there would be a new hotel/hotels. Fast forward to 2013, with the economy, instead of building new hotels, they are doing with that they have and changing their frontage up a bit.

As much as a lot of readers on this site are complaining how the strip will be a 4 mile long shopping center/drug store, I'm actually kind of excited, since it will be different. I'm not a big shopper, but I do like to look around, and buy a few things or too.  

My only concern with the Ballys Bazaar, is I really hope they keep the pedestrian sidewalk right in front of Las Vegas blvd front clear and open. I just have this feeling the Bally's Bazaar shops might pull what Harrahs did, where they make you go through the Harrah's carnival area every time you walk past the hotel (it was just annoying).

Nice shootin'

Kudos to Sam for the pics.  Nice work.  Keep the informative articles coming, Rebecca.

Not for me!

I don't think I'll be doing an 10000+ mile round trip to come to the worlds largest shopping district again. I've definitely fallen out of love with Vegas. At least I got to see The Strip a few times while it was still a fun place to go, now it will be just another place to shop.

When will it end....

All I do now is plan my stays around strip construction.  It's annoying. I don't think you can find 2-3 hotels in a row construction free anymore.

Like visiting an old friend.

This is why I like to come to Vegas every year. It's like visiting an old friend. Some things change, some things remain the same. In the end I always have a good time and look forward to my next visit.

The Constant Construction is Why I Am Staying...

in Downtown LV this January. I plan on visiting the eastside of the Strip hopefully away from all the construction but I have I feeling that it's unavoidable but I will keep my fingers crossed.


I agree with aircrew. Hope there is some space to walk on the sidewalk instead of being routed through a maze to get through that corner.

I will miss that little garden spot and the places to sit.

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