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Want To Know What Rose.Rabbit.Lie. Will Be All About At The Cosmo?

Where: 89109
December 16, 2013 at 8:50 PM | by | Comments (4)

If you do, this latest video ain't gonna help.

It's the fifth in a series of vids to promote the upcoming "grand social experiment," Rose.Rabbit.Lie., set to debut at The Cosmopolitan at month's, and year's, end and we're just as clueless now as with the first.

You can view the teasers for yourself on Rose.Rabbit.Lie.'s YouTube page. One thing's for sure, though, it will be a very Cosmopolitan experience. In that, it looks to be the right amount of wrong, obvi. Especially, because the oh, so right wrongness of Spiegelworld, the folks behind Absinthe, is involved.

Rose.Rabbit.Lie.'s website, though, does reveal a bit more than what's been publicly stated so far by the resort:

Rose. Rabbit. Lie. delivers an unexpected mash-up of experiences that typically live detached from one another. Precedents are cast aside while dining, drinking, and dramatics mix and mingle like old friends. Clever theatrics meet world music collaborations, exclusive vintages make their debut, and a global repertoire of small and large plates invite a social feast. Rose. Rabbit. Lie. adheres to no standard model, follows no written rules. Come when you want. Leave when you wish. Let the night take the lead.

Vintage art forms are reborn through signature elements and presentations: a sparkling champagne tower, created with nearly 500 coupe glasses; freshly bottled cocktails offer handcrafted flavors; the punch bowl encourages social celebrations between strangers and friends; and tableside spiritsmiths mix the perfect martini, served exquisitely in a nitrogen-chilled glass.

Complementing Rose. Rabbit. Lie’s seductive cocktail culture, a globally inspired menu invites a social feast. Rooted in classics reinvented in a modern, small plate form, the menu spans cultures and oceans yet is cultivated from hyper-regional ingredients, a daring feat done right.

We're there just from the sound of the cocktails alone.

The entertainment experiment of Rose.Rabbit.Lie is termed Vegas Nocturne, if you haven't heard, and will take place nightly at 8 p.m., 10 p.m. and midnight. Tickets will be $125 for the first two showings, $30 for the last. Attendees must be 18 or older and are warned of "nudity as well as other explicit and provocative content."

Nudes and booze. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

Rose.Rabbit.Lie. finally reveals itself December 30.

Comments (4)

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"Tickets will be $125 for the first two showings, $30 for the last."

Is there a typo in there, or are the midnight shows really 75% off?


"Come when you want. Leave when you wish."

Unless you want to see the show.  In which case...


At least this is something different from the standard stuff that has been going in on the strip.  Since my clubbing days are well behind me I'm always interested in lounge type atmosphere's opening up.


No typo! That's the listed price.

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