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At Bobby's Burger Palace, No Burgers Nor Palace Yet

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December 17, 2013 at 8:31 PM | by | Comment (1)

Oh, what a difference three month's make. Or, in this case, don't make.

In September, Bobby's Burger Palace promised a debut by year's end for its first west coast location. Set to open at Crystals, the burger joint (yes, another burger joint) will be located between Starbucks and Pinkberry in front of Mandarin Oriental on the Las Vegas Strip... eventually. A walk by the venue today found an open window door of opportunity for inquisitive eyes. Inside, unfinished floors, drywall and exposed steelwork could still be seen.

Even if the miraculous happened, employees would still be needed. And, Bobby's Burger Palace only put out the hiring call today for hourly workers:

The Facebook page of Bobby Flay's Burger Palace is now promising an "early 2014" debut for its Vegas locale.

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Comment (1)

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not sure whats taking so long

they have been working in that space since memorial day still and then in september i didnt notice much change inside nor in mid november when i walked by even though there was workers in there.

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