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A $5 Beer And Burger Deal At El Cortez Is Exactly What You'd Expect For $5

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December 3, 2013 at 7:41 PM | by | Comments (4)

When visiting El Cortez, itís important to remember where you are and manage your expectations. El Cortez is one of the most historic casinos in Vegas and may have been the casino that truly started the Downtown Vegas revival when it was renovated seven years ago. With all of the more recent renovations, though, the ones at El Cortez feel more vintage than they were intended. Aesthetically, El Cortez is a mid-level Downtown Vegas casino. Still, we love El Cortez.

Besides some of the best gaming odds in any Las Vegas casino, El Cortez also has some of the most random and cool casino promotions. Personally, this writer learned how to gamble at El Cortez and it holds a special place in my heart. For months, Iíve noticed that El Cortez had a $5 beer and burger special available at Cafe Cortez. With all of the new restaurants coming on board in Downtown Vegas, I've been a little too distracted to try it, but finally had the opportunity to dive in recently.

Walking into Cafe Cortez, I didnít expect much from this deal as it was a cheap $5 burger and beer combo. The beer option of Bud, Bud Light or Pabst Blue Ribbon was a simple one. An appetizer of PBR was just what the frugal doctor ordered. (This beer is currently a $3 special for National Finals Rodeo visitors, FYI.) In theory, the burger was only ďvaluedĒ at $2. Thatís about right.

My burger was overcooked and dry. Beneath the char, the meat actually looked like it could have been good... if prepared medium, as we asked. Unfortunately, the burger tasted like it was squashed on the broiler and all of the juices were forced out. The only juice on the plate came from the pickles that were under the patty. This made for a half soggy bun. The burger was accompanied by the saltiest potato chips this writer has ever had. They were so salty that, after trying a few, I couldnít go on.

I wasn't expecting much from a beer and burger special that costs $5 and thatís what I got. A basic Jackieís Burger comes with French fries and costs $7.95 so this was definitely a deal. The $5 beer and burger combo met this writerís mediocre expectations. That's neither good nor bad. It was not presented as a gourmet burger and it certainly wasn't. The meat may have been good, but it was poorly prepared and presented. In a way, this was a perfect representation of El Cortez.

Comments (4)

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Skip Fleur for burgers as well.

Figured I would splurge on the aged burger and pay an extra dollar for cheese, which I am still amazed that they charge for cheese on a 24 dollar burger with fries.

Anyway over cooked, dry cheese was almost nonexistent and service was not impressive at all.  

Burger Brasserie's Kobe burger was 1000x better, and I got a shake for the same price.


Ok, we've had like, a hundred of these, er, well, maybe ten, of these burgers over the past year or two.  NEVER have we had a bad one that looked even REMOTELY like the one in the pic!!  We've loved each and every greasy morsel and a cold beer and salty chips alongside are just what this dr. ordered for hangover near-cure.  I think there HAD to be a bad night/day there in the kitchen. AND I tried to get a bucket of those pickle spears to go, but no go.  Wah!!

Better option

For a great burger at an even better price, go get the "famous" $4.95 burger + chips from Binions (cheese or upgrade to fries cost extra).

looks terrible

I recommend the Heart Attack grill up the street. More money but a much better burger

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