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Britney Jean: 'This Is My City Now'

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December 3, 2013 at 8:52 PM | by | Comments (5)

Britney Spears officially arrived in Vegas tonight and was welcomed to her new home at Planet Hollywood with a 'blink and ya missed it' appearance. Where outrageous and traffic-stopping was expected, instead crowds received a brief performance by some Britney impersonators before the real deal arrived. But, seeing as how she likely has a lot of work, b*tch before her December 27 debut (oops, we did see what we did it, again), we're sure her true fans understood the brevity of her ceremony.

When she did appear, Brit Brit greeted a swell of onlookers with this address:

Hmm... address is probably too misleading. Remarks? Umm, nooo. Casual shout-out? Yep, that works. And, yes, we're told that's all she said to the crowd at large. Probably would have been more effective if she would have dropped the mic and walked away after saying, "This is my city now." That's just us, though. Here's highlight from the actual ceremony:

Britney signed a two-year contract with Planet Hollywood and will perform on varying dates. Tickets range from $59 to $149, without tax. And, in case you're wondering, they are still available for opening night.

Here's a list of announced show dates, as of today:

December 2013: Friday, Dec. 27; Saturday, Dec. 28; Monday, Dec. 30; Tuesday, Dec. 31
January 2014: Wednesday, Jan. 29; Friday, Jan. 31
February 2014: Saturday, Feb. 1; Tuesday, Feb. 4; Friday, Feb. 7; Saturday, Feb. 8; Wednesday, Feb. 12; Friday, Feb. 14; Saturday, Feb. 15; Tuesday, Feb. 18; Wednesday, Feb.19; Saturday, Feb. 22
April 2014: Friday, April 25; Saturday, April 26; Wednesday, April 30
May 2014: Friday, May 2; Saturday, May 3; Wednesday, May 7; Friday, May 9; Saturday, May 10; Wednesday, May 14; Friday, May 16; Saturday, May 17
August 2014: Saturday, August 16; Tuesday, August 19; Saturday, August 23; Wednesday, August 27; Saturday, August 30; Sunday, August 31
September 2014: Wednesday, September 3; Friday, September 5; Saturday, September 6

(PHOTO: @PHVegas on Twitter)

Comments (5)

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Tickets still available for opening night.....



Sure at some point Holly Madison won't be the premier star of Vegas, but Brit sure doesn't own that crown yet.  She has a LONG way to go before being deserving of making such claims.  


wow guess she already has the check in the bank no need to act enthusiastic at all

Not many

There's very few tickets available


"Never had it, never will" (sorry, Brit fans!).

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