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We Went a Whole Year Using Toiletries Nabbed from Vegas Hotels

February 1, 2013 at 5:05 PM | by | ()

Ever wondered why our contributor always smells so good? Well, here's his secret.

There was a challenge put forth to me at the beginning of 2012 to use hotel toiletries including lotion, shower gel and shampoo for the entire year. Challenge accepted and, because I spent way too many nights in hotels last year, challenge completed and challenge won!

My favorite hotel toiletries include everything from Cosmopolitan to the Qua Spa lotion from Caesars Palace. Supposedly, Caesars Palace only uses the Qua Spa toiletries in the Octavius and Augustus tower, where I got mine. Otherwise, Caesars Entertainment uses Gilchrist and Soames toiletries at most of their properties across the country.

The normal toiletries at Caesars properties are average, at best, but at least they're not offensive. There is nothing worse to me than every product offered at Venetian and Palazzo. The lotion reminds me of the Avon perfumes my granny used to have. The shower gel and shampoo have similar strong scents.

While no longer a challenge, I'm continuing to use leftover toiletries from EncoreCaesars Palace and Main Street Station. I'll keep going with Vegas hotel toiletries for no other reason than because I can. Every scent, good or bad, reminds me of a fun night staying in a casino and I'm looking forward to new scents and memories.

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Collector here

I am a big aficianado of Vegas toiletries.  Alas, my two favorites, WET from Treasure Island and AquaLime from Mirage, have been replaced with inferior products.  Golden Nugget and El Cortez Cabana Suites have some great stuff, but my current favorite is the line provided at Boyd properties. Agreed on the Venetian/Palazzo scent, but it's in keeping with the grandmotherly fragrance they use in their casinos, too.

Caesars Woman

Back when I was in high school (think late 80s/early 90s), my mom worked for Caesars Entertainment and used to bring home Caesars Woman samples. Man, I loved that scent and used to douse it on before school every day. HAHAHA.. sorry, classmates.

Aqua Lime!!

I loved Aqua Lime so much that I once ordered it from the gift shop.  Haven't smelled the new Basil Limon products.  I love Bambu @ Wynn/Encore, and I also like the stuff at Trump.  I agree with the comments on Palazzo/Venetian, and I also want to say that I was disappointed by the stuff at Aria.  I attributed it to being eco-friendly.  LOL

More than free shampoo

I get as many bottles as I can each stay and since most are one oz, I combine 2 into a Caesars bottle.  When I grab a new one it reminds me of the time from that respective resort.  Aqua lime was the best line ever!  While the venetian/Pallazo line is, Well, different...... I appreciate it is made in the USA, unlike all the gilchrist and soames all made in china.  I like the Trop line currently.  Each scent on my shelf  is unique and has a "Vegas" reminder to it, even the bitter orange and lemon verbena.  

Aqua Lime

I was lucky enough to stock up on full  sizes of Aqualime before it was discontined. Every time I won at slots, I'd head to the Impulse shop at Mirage and by an armful. Will be using it for years. Shampoo, conditioner shower gel and lotions. They were foolish to replace it. Basil Limon is not as good.

Fremont Hotel & Casino

I recently stayed at the Fremont and loved their Ecossential bath & body soap.

Are We Talking About The Same Toiletries?

I'm curious to see where you have stayed at the Sam Boyd properties and what line you are talking about? Ecossential line, maybe?

Regarding Caesars Woman

@702Becca Oh man, I remember that perfume! My Mother gave me a bottle back in the day!

Aqua Lime is back.

You can actually order Aqua Lime directly from Gilchrist & Soames as they had a lot of folks request they bring it back.


Those were the days

In the late 1990s, I stayed at Caesars Palace and the shampoo bottles were shaped like tiny columns.  Ionic, I believe. I kept them for years in our guest bathroom.  Sadly I believe they are a thing of the past.

Boyd Properties

Yes, the Ecossential Line.  Love it! Have gotten them at Fremont, Main Street and Gold Coast.

Pretty Cool!

@sammasseur I really liked staying at The Fremont and plan on staying at Sam's Town in the future. I agree, the Ecossential Line is great. It's my new fave!

Scored Aqualime last spring

I, too, loved Aqualime.  Last March, I ambled through the Mirage gift shop to see what scent had replaced my old favorite.  All of the Limon stuff was there, but the bottom two shelves were loaded with Aqualime shampoo and bar soap, and it was priced at a deep discount.  I bought an armload of each.  The clerk looked at me like I was insane.  I'm headed back to Mirage in a couple of weeks, and even though I still have most of my stash, I'll check again.  You never know.