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Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill Is More Vegas Than British But The Food's Alright

February 1, 2013 at 6:39 PM | by | ()

On a (somewhat) cold night in Las Vegas, we headed to Gordon Ramsay's Pub and Grill at Caesars Palace for comfort food and drinks to warm us back up. But we totally forgot something. This is Las Vegas. This is Caesars Palace. This is right across from the Colosseum, the safe house for divas such as Celine, Elton and Shania.

Indeed, as we ambled across the casino floor towards the pub, our hope for a chummy British pub atmosphere was promptly dashed. Instead, we had to queue up in a line just to let the one of the three hostesses know we were there for a 6:45pm reservation. While we waited we were in awe of three things: one, how many barrels of kegs there were suspended from the ceiling; two, how many other folks were waiting for a table and three; the skintight, newspaper-print mini-dresses the hostesses were wearing.

These were topped off with dog collar necklaces featuring small padlocks and keys. We later noticed the servers and bussers also had funky uniforms, consisting of vests and scary looking straps. Definitely not pub gear.

It took a few more minutes but eventually, one of the girls seated us at a table for two along the casino floor. Here's where things start to improve.

We started off with a Goodbye Blue Sky drink made with blueberry vodka and fresh berries, which we selected from the iPad drinks menu (the iPad is just given for you to peruse, you still have to order through your server the old-fashioned way.)

Then we pored over the menu which features the pub selections on the left and the fancier grill options on the right. We went back and forth between both sides stumped on what to order. But when it came down to it, we wanted to keep our meal at a reasonable cost so the pricier grill entrees were nixed in favor of a simple beet salad with goat cheese and an order of the traditional British chips (known here in America as french fries.)

The salad was surprisingly good--full of flavor and totally fresh, something that's often hard to accomplish in a Vegas casino. The fries were, duh, delicious. Our dinner companion ordered the trio of mini-burgers and a Magic Hat ale. We split the bill down the middle and it came out to be $70 per person. Again, not very pub-like. And we didn't even order from the grill side of the menu!

The real downer, after the Vegasification of the pub, was the service. Our server was friendly but after he handed us the iPad, he didn't come back for about ten to 15 minutes, even though we were clearly ready to get buzzin' order. Also, the pretzel bread plate was scrumptious but it was delivered at the end of our meal. We could have eaten that while we were waiting for our orders to be taken.

Despite Gordon's best attempt at bringing the British to Vegas, this joint is much like any other joint in Vegas--glitzy and pricey with hot women at the door and unpredictable service--but at least the food is good.

Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill is open from 11am to 12am during the week and until 2am on the weekends. We strongly suggest making a reservation on OpenTable before you go.

Archived Comments:

Wait what?

Am I reading that right - a beet salad with fries and a cocktail was $70??  Goat cheese must be at a premium these days.

I agree...

I have eaten there twice myself. I have to agree with you; the food was great and the prices were reasonable considering it was a Gordon Ramsay restaurant. However, the service was severely lacking. I had to wait a good four minutes for my meal to come out (fish and chips) after everyone elses entrees at my table were delivered. Also, the breadstick basket came during out meal as well (after asking twice). Lastly, both times I was there, they didn't automatically adjust the Total Rewards pricing even though both times we told them we had the card. Funny enough, we saw Gordon Ramsay next door the following day at BurGR (last Saturday). For anyone that wants to go, make sure to make your reservation on Open Table. They tend not to answer the phone.

Total Rewards Pricing

I asked for TR pricing and got 1 tier credit (or something similar) for my bill and no $1 discount per food item. It was only a few bucks but still.

I've been to 2 GR joints and gotten sick both times. Maybe I'm dainty but that hasn't happened at any other restaurant in Vegas.