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The Las Vegas Club Wants An 'Amazing' Casino

February 11, 2013 at 1:06 PM | by | ()

The Amazing Johnathan may have quit The Strip, but apparently that doesn't mean he's finished with Vegas. Or, should we say, downtown Vegas.

After an abrupt departure from Bally's in December, the comic magician switched to hosting a Vegas-based web series and podcast. And, super early this morning, announced on Facebook that his next amazing project will be the transformation of the Las Vegas Club's casino. For reals.

Last night I had dinner with the guy in charge of operations of The Plaza and the Las Vegas Club. I though he was going to ask me to remove The Screamont Experience, the Haunted House I built last year. It wasn't. Instead he asked me to redesign the entire casino. He wants me to make it "FUN!" Just when you think you're retired from Vegas they give you a casino to redesign. This is going to be a blast because I LOVE that place and I've already done this job in my head 100 times. Now watch this shit!

No timeline for the renovation of the Las Vegas Club's casino was given so you can bet we'll definitely be watching that sh*t, just as we've reported on the limited availability of its hotel rooms, the closure of Tinoco's, and more in the past. A hearty thank you to VegasChatter uber fan sammasseur for the tip!

Archived Comments:


In Jan I wanted to book a room there but ended up in the Plaza. I was told because of renovations to the rooms they were only being booked on weekends.

For some reason I have always liked the LVC. They use to have a steak and egg special for 1.99 (2004) in the cafe and I am not sure it is still there.

They have a ton of room in the back of the Casino area that never seems to get used.


The place is basicallya slot parlor now, and a shabby one at that.  As DFW said, half the downstairs is closed.  Remember the diner upstairs?  
Do these guys even have the money to fix the place?

Good luck.

If it's anything like the Plaza redo, it will be talked about a bunch but done half-assed and ultimately fail.

Probably Profitable

I'm not going to defend against the notion that the LVC needs some major improvement. But as someone who has been in there probably 20 times in the past year (cheap drinks), the present gaming floor continues to be anything BUT a ghost town.

It would be cool if they could do a split theme, al la The D. The back half of he building is still relatively new and has an entirely different feel than the older, front gaming floor.