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Gold Spike Has Done Away with Sexy Blackjack

February 11, 2013 at 2:03 PM | by | ()

This weekend our good friend Denver Gambler came to Vegas to celebrate his birthday (Happy Birthday!). As usual we got together to do a little gambling but first he sent us a very sad text message.


Gold Spike is off Fremont Street and sexy blackjack was always an excuse to head off the main strip of casinos downtown. Sexy blackjack was never actually sexy but it was cheap and fun. There aren't a lot more fun things in Vegas than telling people you're heading downtown to play sexy blackjack. Although the sexy is gone, blackjack still starts at $3 which is a lot more affordable than tables on the Strip.

Yet, this is just the beginning of the changes to Gold Spike.

Room rates are no longer rock bottom. The prices have increased to be competitive with the other hotels downtown. The good news is that there are frequent 50% off promotions available on the website if you book a couple weeks in advance. The other major change is to the Players Club, which is in hiatus.

There are signs all over the casino mentioning that the Gold Spike players club is not active now but will be back soon with "enhanced benefits". Let your mind run wild with that one.

The Gold Spike casino is very small and only consists of four blackjack tables and a variety of slots and video poker machines but has recently been renovated and is one of the cleaner casinos downtown. Increased room rates, dealers with proper uniforms and a new players club make it seem as if they are trying to class up the joint a little. This writer enjoyed Gold Spike being a clean dive of a casino but that may not make the big bucks that every business owner wants and that's too bad.

*Editor's Note: Special thanks to VegasChatter fan Ron A. for also alerting us to the changes at the Gold Spike.

Archived Comments:

Room rates

If their room rates, aside from the mentioned discount, are now on par with other DT hotels, I think they're going to find guests staying at those competitors.  Their competitive advantage WAS the room rate, not the room...

Downtown Grand connection?

Could this switch be in anticipation of the opening of Downtown Grand?  I believe both properties are owned/managed by the same people, right?  Maybe they will use the same player's club?

Just a thought.

Yeah, what's up?

I looked at booking it for my trip in April and was surprised at how hight the rates were.
I wonder if they are going to go after the Krave Massive crowd - somebody has to be thinking of that niche.

Why go there?

It's a nice clean casino, but no craps, only a kiosk for a sportsbook, and now no room deals, what will be the attraction?  I also think this has something to do with the Grand, but maybe they should wait for it to open.