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Still Waiting For Things To Get Bazaar In A Grand Way At Bally's

Where: 3645 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
February 15, 2013 at 4:35 PM | by | ()

Last month, we tried to get an update on The Grand Bazaar Shops -- a new shopping mecca planned for the front of Bally's -- but we found nothing to get excited about. This after, an expected 2012 groundbreaking came and went. And, an expected announcement of the coming retailers never happened, either.

While we wait for something, anything to happen, we did some Internet searching and did find some government documents from a year ago which granted Bally's permission for an "outdoor shopping center." And, that detailed just what it would be comprised of. We list the types of shops below; however, we couldn't help but to add our thoughts in parentheses for added pizzazz:

· Consumption of alcohol (woohoo!),
· Alcohol sales of beer and wine (fancy!)
· Liquor sales (party time!)
· Arcades (nerd alert!)
· Art gallery/studio (inspiring!)
· Food cart/booth (Auntie Anne's?)
· Jewelry (bling, bling!)
· Kiosk/information (um, teeth-whitening?)
· Outdoor dining, drinking and cooking (get in our belly)
· Photo studio (glamour shots by Deb!)
· Psychic arts (can they predict whether you will win big or not at all?)
· Retail sales and services (please, not another Gap)
· Sporting goods (high five!)
· Tattoo parlor (groan)
· Farmer's market (future hangout of Strip chefs?)

We broke the news about the coming Grand Bazaar in July of last year. Of course, here we sit in 2013 with no changes in front of Bally's yet. The photo below was snapped earlier this month. Hopefully, it will get started at some point. Woody and Buzz, don't get too comfortable!

(Renderings: Grand Bazaar; Photo: VegasChatter)

Archived Comments:


"Hopefully, it will get started at some point." Why?  There is absolutely nothing intended for that hideous flea market that isn't readily available in every other spot in the city.  About the only things rare on the strip anymore are flowers, trees, shade, and a quiet spot to sit and regroup. The front of Bally's has that.  So what exactly are you cheering about?

Flea market or....

It looks like the Minnesota State Fair. Will they also have carnival barkers and booths for face painting?

Sigh...I miss the Las Vegas of the late ninties when they still left a little space between the hotels and Las Vegas Blvd. When there was still elbow room on the strip. Do they have to cash in on every available inch of land?


So basically they're gonna put all those annoying kiosks that were between Harrahs and the old Imperial Palace over there now?

Worse than Prostitute Cards

While I could be wrong, I fully anticipate walking through this place to be worse than dealing with those stripper/prostitute card people.  Why?  The card people don't try to engage you in conversation.

At the Ballys Bazaar, annoying salespeople will be allowed to talk to you to try to get you to buy: a timeshare, a remarkable new beauty product from the Dead Sea/Rainforest, a 10-minute chair massage, or a kitchen guillotine.


The last thing the strip needs is this Bazzar....unless it is 100% unique vendors that they bring in, its just going to be another overcrowded terrible tourist area.

The strip needs a breath of fresh air...hopefully the linq will be part of that...unfortunately this will be more of the same


I'm eager to see any improvements to Bally's. Not a kiosk hell, granted; but, I've heard rumblings that this may not quite be what we think. And, I hope it's the case!

And, while we all hate 'em, someone -- or rather, someones -- are keeping these joints in business. Enough so that we could see a whole 'mall' of them. If so, we all need to start staging some interventions whenever we see a customer at one of these kiosks!

flea market on LV Blvd.

What a thought less ugly concept, rows of tin sheds.  IS there no creativity in this group. The least they could do is try to make it a bit visually eye pleasing.