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The Top 9 Things You Want To Know About Downtown Grand

Where: 206 North 3rd [map], 89101
February 12, 2013 at 6:05 PM | by | ()

Downtown Grand is coming. Yes, really. And, it's freaking exciting! A media preview that focused on the debut of two model room types ended up revealing so much more. And, yes, we're now more than a little pumped for this downtown game-changer.

Below are your top questions regarding Downtown Grand, including a look at the rooms, details on pricing and a few of the surprises that will be in store for guests. We'll continue our coverage tomorrow as well!

Where is it?

Downtown Grand is, as the name implies, in downtown Las Vegas, obviously. But, for those that don't remember the days of when it was the Lady Luck, Downtown Grand is the two towers that bracket Third Street between the Mob Museum and Downtown 3rd's signature restaurants of Mob Bar, Triple George Grill and Hogs and Heifers. It's just a few minutes walk to the north from Fremont Street.

When will it open?

Executives aren't touting a specific opening date or month, but this story will give you a better idea of the timeline which should see a debut by late summer/early fall.

What do the rooms look like?


Standard Double, 400 sq. ft.

And, this:

Standard 'Casino Block' Corner Suite, 600 sq. ft.

*We'll have more extensive photo galleries, including the parts of the rooms that you don't see here, on the site tomorrow.

How much?

Downtown Grand says the starting rate will be just $69 bucks a night.

Will there be a resort fee?

Executives aren't sure. Plaza may have set the precedent here for the future of downtown. But, let's hope not.

What about WiFi?

Yes, the entire hotel will be wired so we will all be able to use our devices. What officials don't know yet is if there will be a charge with that. Either, included with a resort fee (if there's a resort fee), a separate charge, or free basic service with the availability of speedier for-pay tiers. Nothing's been decided yet.

What amenities will it offer?

Downtown Grand will offer a full casino with about 600 slots and 30 table games. There will also be 17 bars and restaurants and a rooftop pool experience that won't just be restricted to hotel guests. More specific dining and pool details will be revealed on VegasChatter tomorrow. Until then, did we mention there will be actual grass poolside? Now, that's old school Vegas.

Tell me something surprising.

Mob Bar will move to the ground floor of the Downtown Grand's east tower, bringing it closer to the Mob Museum. (See the snapshot below for a better visual.) It will reside in a larger space with higher ceilings and a stage. Officials aren't saying what will happen to the old space, long term. But, once the bar makes its move, the old venue will serve as overflow for Triple George Grill, in the interim.

The new Mob Bar will reside in the far corner of this building, closest to the Mob Museum.

Tell me something I don't know.

Downtown Grand's gaming can and will spill onto Third Street. Third Street between the coming Pizza Rock (taking over the Celebrity Theater) and the Downtown Grand is privately owned. Executives say they have the licensing to bring gaming to the streets and will do so. And, that includes table games and slots.

This is just the beginning of the insight that Fifth Street Gaming provided to us in a special media preview today. We'll have much more information and images tomorrow on VegasChatter as well!

The future is almost now.

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What are their sportsbook plans?

Just wondering?  


They didn't go into specifics about the sportsbook. I did inquire about the players club, though, and they said it would be a version of their My Points club already offered in several North Las Vegas casinos.

fun Times

how big is the sport book?,,,,bigger than the plaza?