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The Least Intimidating Dealers In The Las Vegas Valley

Where: 8 Strada Di Villaggio [map], 89011
February 15, 2013 at 12:16 PM | by | ()

For a new or inexperienced gambler, table games can be a really intimidating step. Aside from catching flak from other players at the table, messing up in front of the dealer can be really embarrassing. New players might want to make their bones at Casino MonteLago at beautiful Lake Las Vegas, about a 45-minute drive from The Strip.

The dealers at Montelago will never berate you. They will never roll their eyes or let out an embarrassing sigh. They will also never make a mistake or pay you out wrong for the dealers at Casino Montelago are robots.

The automated machines are offered in several game types and several denominations. This Chatter'er spent a few hours working off an amazing dinner from Auld Dubliner by playing at the dollar blackjack table. We quickly doubled our buy-in before giving it all back after some ill-fated double downs and splits. Even the craps and roulette games are dealerless.

If you have any concerns about making a mistake at the table, why not try one of these lovely dealers? Unlike other casinos, Casino Montelago still offers Sexy Blackjack, too, and these ladies never call in sick.

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Archived Comments:

Great timing

I'll be out there tomorrow and was wondering if they still have regular craps tables or is it just the machine now?

For whatever live table games they do have, I'd imagine that they are not open 24/7 so it would be great to know their typical schedule but my inquiry via Facebook has not been responded to.

all robots

There is not a single live game in the house anymore.  Every single "table" game is now machine controlled. It was still fun though, and the cocktail service was wonderful.

No Thanks

To me those machines for table games seem more confusing than anything I have ever encountered with gambling.

I watched some people play craps on one of those machines last trip out and just walked off shaking my head.

Not a 'kin chance

True, with a robot you don't feel obliged to tip the dealer after winning.

But part of the enjoyment of 'you against the house' table games is the banter with the dealers and other players.

Personally, I won't be driving out to Casino MonteLago anytime soon...