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Low Rollin' On The Strip

February 13, 2013 at 6:45 PM | by | ()

The closure of Bill's Gambling Hall makes Casino Royale one of the last low roller casinos remaining on The Strip. Whether you want $1 beer or you're in the mood for a Cinnabon or if you just want to play $5 craps, Casino Royale has it all. While many casinos on The Strip offer poor odds for most casino games, Casino Royale has some of the best inexpensive gaming. That said, they're not the only place you can gamble for cheap, nowadays.

You won't find low roller limits on The Strip at newer casinos like Aria or Cosmopolitan, but you will find $5 and $10 blackjack at a variety of other casinos up and down The Strip. Availability on these games depend on the day and time you visit, but $5 or $10 blackjack can be had at Luxor, Excalibur, New York-New York, Bally's, Harrah's, Treasure Island, Circus Circus, Riviera and the Stratosphere.

Las Vegas sets prices for everything based on demand so, if you're in town on the busiest nights of the year, you'll find less of these games available. If you're walking The Strip today, you may see a moving billboard (one of those trucks with a sign) promoting $5 gaming all day, every day at New York-New York. Huzzah!

These aren't always the best odds games you can play and you may end up playing a 6:5 game of blackjack instead of the 3:2 game. 3:2 blackjack pays better when you get blackjack, but the difference is only about 1.5%. If you're buying in for $100, that's $1.50 difference (or about 30% of a hand). It's not optimal, but it may be the only way to get into a $5 blackjack game on The Strip. Even Casino Royale changes their odds on the weekend.

During the week, you'll find a $3 craps game available with 1000x odds where the edge is with the player if you play full odds, but on the weekend, craps games are $5 with "only" 20x odds. That's still the best craps odds on The Strip, but you can see the difference. You'll also be able to find lower minimums on craps, roulette and any "carnival" type games, like 3 card poker, at these casinos.

Casino Royale is still the least expensive casino, overall, on The Strip, but it's not the only place for low rolling gamblers. You can still find low roller options at about half the casinos on The Strip. A good rule of thumb for finding less expensive gaming (and everything) is that the older the casino is the lower the limits will be.

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Archived Comments:

Slots of Fun

I'm just curious....does Slots of Fun still offer low limits? I know it's part of Circus Circus...I don't even know if they still exist, but I remember that I would go over there and play $3 blackjack....I figured they would have had a bunch of low rolling games too...


1,000X odds...count me in!

Tables Gone...

Last I heard. Slots o Fun took all their tables out.  Only thing left are slot machines I believe!

Not quite in your favor...

100x or 1000x odds are nice if you can afford to play them, but no amount of free odds will EVER give the player the edge in craps.  The odds bet is even money, so it doesn't favor either the player or the casino.  So it also can't actually give the player the advantage.  All it does is make the game closer to an even money game overall.  But the $3 or $5 you have to bet on the pass line still keeps the overall odds the casino's favor.  The house edge for 1000x odds is only around .002%, but regardless of your odds bet, the player never has the edge.  The casino is willing to take the 50/50 bet that anybody playing this kind of odds bet doesn't have the bankroll to survive many bad rolls.

love this place

i will spend 12-18 hrs a day here in 11 days. Thanks for the update east coast. Dont forget the $1.99 foot long hotdogs. They hold me over till i get comp'd enough for outback and denny's.

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